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Chapter 102

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Episode 63 (1999)
Episode 54 (2011)

Meteor City (流星街, Ryūseigai) is a junkyard city inhabited by outcasts. People who live there do not exist in any official records, and the existence of the city itself is known to very few people. Not much is known about the city; much of the information on it is shrouded in mystery.[1] The city is rumored to be at least five hundred years old[2], and was believed to have been founded by a dictator who wanted to separate the human race[3]. Since then, it has been a dumping ground for other countries[4]. The city is said to have the most diverse ethnic background and its population estimated at eight to ten million people[5][6].


The Tramp Incident

About 10 years ago, a tramp without papers was arrested for murder. When the local law enforcement tried to look for information about the tramp, they found nothing. It was then that tramp confessed that he was from Meteor City, but the police of the country refused to believe him, extracted a confession that he did committed the crime. In court, the lawyer appointed by the court did not do anything and allowed the tramp to be condemned. Three years later, the real murderer (a drug addict) was arrested and his crime was brought out. It was then recognized that the tramp was falsely accused. However, it was already too late since the police, judges, inspectors, witnesses, jurors, and lawyers and a total of 31 people who all took part in the false accusation were assassinated shortly after the information was revealed. In one of the assassinated people, a message was found near the corpse's foot, it said: "We accept everything. So don't take anything back". The assassins were a bunch of 31 people that attached a bomb onto themselves, and exploded themselves with their victims. It was all because one of their companions was falsely arrested.[7]


The Phantom Troupe

A few years later, the Phantom Troupe was founded in Meteor City. Back then, before the Troupe was founded, the junkyard city was once close to the mafia community. Because the people of the city had no records of their existence, they were often called upon the mafia to perform criminal acts. However, it seems that the Phantom Troupe had something to do with it going bad. Kurapika stated that the Phantom Troupe were considered to have been the more abnormal than any other members of the city.[8]

Kikyo Zoldyck

According to the 2004 Hunter x Hunter Official Guidebook, Kikyo Zoldyck is from Meteor City as well. This fact was never mentioned in the anime nor manga.

Canary and Gotoh

A character book published in 2001 revealed that both Canary and Gotoh originated from Meteor City. In the 2011 anime series, Canary also tells Killua that if he ever wishes to visit some day, that she will happily act as his guide.


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