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Chapter 39 (Paw)
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Episode 32 (1999) (Paw)
Episode 33 (1999)
Episode 22 (2011)


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Mike (ミケ, Mike) is the guard dog of the Zoldyck Estate.[2]


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Mike Design

Mike's 2011 anime design

Mike is an enormous hound with white (tyrian purple in the 2011 anime) fur and a blue tongue (pink in the 2011 anime). In both 1999 anime and manga he is robust. In the 2011 anime, however, Mike has a slender body, pointy ears, long legs, thin and elongated snout, and a long bushy tail. His forepaws have long, curved claws and resemble that of a human hand rather than a hound's paw.


Mike holding the intruders skeltons

Mike eating between meals

Mike is a hound who has gone through strict training and always tries to memorize the stranger's appearance and scent. He shows little to no emotion, seemingly more a machine than a living animal, to the point where even Gon showed extreme terror when facing him, as he was completely different to the wild animals he was normally accustomed to. He is hard to control, and other than the commands from Zoldyck family members, he listens to no one. The command that the Zoldycks gave Mike ten years ago is still loyally carried out: to kill all intruders.[2] If something doesn't meet the requirement of the command, Mike will even attack its caretaker, without any hesitation.[1] Despite being loyal, following orders without hesitation and described to be a machine, Mike seems to still possess an individual habit to disobey his orders about eating between meals, as he will devour any intruders.


Zoldyck Family arcEdit

Mike 2011

Mike meets Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio

When Gon and company arrive at Kukuroo Mountain, they witness two Bounty Hunters force their way inside the property. Zebro the gatekeeper refuses, but the Hunters take the key away from him, entering from the small gate. Moments later, a hand emerges from the small gate, taking out the skeletons of the Bounty Hunters.[2]

The three introduce themselves to Zebro and the gatekeeper acknowledges them as Killua's friends. But when Zebro is asked if he could lead them inside, he warns them about Mike.[2] However, Gon is insistent, and Zebro takes them inside via Testing Gate. Zebro calls out to Mike once all of them have entered. Inside, Mike is revealed to be an enormous guard dog. Zebro refers to Mike as a 'perfectly-trained guard dog'. The three are surprised and Gon admits that he is scared.[1]


  • Mike is not the only guard dog of the Zoldyck family. During a flashback, there are other two dogs which are the same size of Mike,[3] and another is seen sleeping next to Silva when Killua asks him to free Alluka.[4]
  • Mike is given the last name "Zoldyck" in the musical Hunter × Hunter: The Nightmare of Zaoldyeck.
  • The species of Mike is similar, especially in the visual part, and may have been based on the Borzoi (a.k.a. Russian wolfhound)—a rather athletic, quiet, and silent breed of domestic dog. The borzoi do not have strong territorial drives, so it's not a good watchdog.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit


Mike hunts down Gon

  • In the 1999 anime, Leorio accidentally enters through the false gate. Mike hunts down Leorio at once, but he is later diverted by Gon, whom he chases after next. Mike corners Gon on a cliff, but a whistle stops him in time. Later, he is seen being tamed by Kalluto Zoldyck.[5]
  • The 2011 anime added scenes wherein Mike looks down on the intruding Blacklist Hunters, with Seaquant among them.[6]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic مايك (Mayk)
Chinese 三毛 (Sān Máo)
Russian Мике (Mike)


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