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2011 | 1999 | Manga

Mikli 2011





Manga Debut

Chapter 126

Anime Debut

Episode 75 (1999)
Episode 60 (2011)


Female Female

Eye Color

Black (1999)
Grey (2011)

Hair Color

Ash Gray (1999)
Maroon (2011)



Previous Occupation

Greed Island Player



Mikli (ミクリー, Mikuri) was a player of the Greed Island game.[1]


Greed Island arc

Mikli was one of the candidates that manage to pass Tsezguerra's recruitment test on the same day as Gon and Killua.[2] Mikli is later seen walking down the stairs from the Greed Island Entrance as Zetsk Bellam and Gon patiently wait there.[1] Sometime after entering the game Mikli joins up with Nickes' Alliance and waits with the other alliance members to be transported to the base by Jispa at the Greed Island Entrance. When Jispa arrives, he immediately uses a Accompany (G.I card) to transport them to Kosofftro, whom welcomes them all. Mikli along with the other new alliance members are given a long and detailed explanation on how the alliance members will be getting spell cards in Masadora for the alliance. When Jispa and the new members finally reach the Alliance Base, a senior member instructs the new members to mesmerize a list of spell cards within an hour.[3]

After Genthru is revealed to be the Bomber and says that all of the alliance members have bombs put on them all,[4] and escapes the base by using a Leap (G.I card), Mikli notices that the countdown on the bombs aren't changing at the same speed.[5] After all of the alliance members surrender all of their spell cards to the Bomb Devils, most of the Alliance members aside from Cuzco and Abengane are murdered by the Bomb Devils, when they simultaneously set off the bombs attached to them.[6] Mikli's name is mentioned on Gon's binder, when he looks to see which players are dead or alive, and a black dot is next to her name meaning she either is dead or has left the game.[7]

Abilities & Powers

Due to being able to access Greed Island, Mikli is capable of utilizing Nen.


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