"Scoundrels! Who do you think I am?! Ming Jol-ik, the king of kings!! The great father of the people!! The leader of the century!! Get out of here!! Or feel the wrath of my divine power!!"

— Ming Jol-ik's Double to Meruem and his Royal Guards in "Meat Orchard"
2011 | Manga
Ming Jolik 2011
Ming Jol-ik's Double



Masadoru Deīgo

Japanese Voice

Hiromasa Taguchi

English Voice

Doug Erholtz

Manga Debut

Chapter 216

Anime Debut

Episode 93 (2011)


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Previous Affiliation

Republic of East Gorteau

Previous Occupation

Dictator of East Gorteau

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Ming Jol-ik's Double (マサドルデイーゴ, Masadoru Deīgo) was the last Supreme Leader of the Republic of East Gorteau and substitute[1] of the real Ming Jol-ik following the latter's retirement.


Like the real Ming Jol-ik, his double was very plump, probably in his sixties. He had medium length black hair and a pencil moustache.


Ming Jol-ik was pompous and conceited, although it was unknown if this was his true personality or just a facade, he posed as Ming Jol-ik. He was also a ruthless dictator who has established an oppressive government; due to him being a substitute. However, it was unclear if he really was responsible of the atrocities of the ruling class, or if he was merely a figure head and the power was concentrated in someone else's hands.


Ming Jol-ik was a revolutionary who led a successful coup d'état to overthrow the ruling class of the Republic of East Gorteau, and became the new leader of the nation. However, he eventually retired from his position, leaving a double rule in his place.[2]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Meruem arrives at Kakin

Ming Jol-ik meets the Meruem and the Royal Guards

The figurehead was first seen being entertained by dancers at the palace as he ate lunch. He was warned about the presence of intruders, but irately told his subordinates to take care of it and went back to watching the show.[1] Meruem and his Royal Guards enter the room shortly afterwards. He called for his soldiers but they were already killed by the Chimera Ant King. He threatened the intruders while listing his titles, which perplexed and annoyed Meruem, who killed him.[3] Neferpitou used their Nen abilities to reassemble and manipulate his corpse so as to have him publicly announce a compulsory national rally, a cover to keep the population unsuspicious of the "Selection".[4] The Royal Guard uses him again to place the country under martial law.[5] His body is kept into the palace.[6] Following the invasion of the Extermination Team, it was crushed under the rubble. The V5 manipulated the press so as to keep the ants and the Hunter Association's use of the Poor Man's Rose a secret, instead dumping the blame on Ming Jol-ik and accusing him of having planned to gather the population for a mass suicide.[2]


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