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Kōji Yusa (1999)
Kōichi Nagano (2011)

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Robbie Daymond (2011)

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Chapter 154

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Episode 82 (1999)
Episode 67 (2011)


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Greed Island Player
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Montreux (モントール, Montōru) was a player of the Greed Island game. He was the other member of team Yabibi and a member of Kazsule's Alliance.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit

Asta In Meeting About The Bomber

The Alliance meeting

Montreux and his team leader Yabibi attend Kazsule's meeting of several different Greed Island Player to exchange information on how to stop the Bomb Devils from completing the game. During the meeting, Montreux explains to Gon what cards can counteract a Levy (G.I card). Also after learning from Gon's group the Bomb Devils Nen abilities and that they have a Wild Luck Alexandrite (G.I card) one of the cards the Bomb Devils don't have. Montreux offers to trade for the card for three S-ranked cards. So an alliance is formed b when it's decided to get a monopoly of a card the Bomb Devils don't have, Montreux uses a List (G.I card) on the Patch of Shore (G.I card) and finds out it can be monopolized. The newly formed alliance then heads to Soufrabi to obtain the Patch of Shore card.[1]

Upon arriving in Soufrabi, Kazsule explains how to get an SS-Ranked card and the alliance splits up and goes around the town asking the townsfolk about any information on the Patch of Shore card. After many failed attempts, Kazsule finds an woman NPC who tells them in exchange for driving the Razor Pirates out of town, she'll tell them where the Patch of Shore card is. The alliance accepts and then go to a bar that had some pirates in it. When asked to leave they refuse claiming they only take orders from Razor and one of the pirates Bopobo challenges the group to a Sumo match and if they win he'll take them to Razor.[2]

Pirate boxer Vs Montreux

Montreux about to fight the Pirate boxer

The alliance wins the match against Bopobo and are lead to Razor's lighthouse who challenges the group to a series of sports trials, the first being boxing and Montreux accepts the challenge.[3] At the start of the match, Montreux emits a Projectile Punch at the Pirate boxer and compliments the Pirate boxer for easily dodging it and deduces that the boxer is an Emitter like him, but then shoots a bunch more Projectile Punches at the Pirate boxer, causing him to faint. As if Montreux's victory was assured moments after he faints and as the countdown is said, the Pirate boxer gets up and wins. It's explained that the boxer won, because of a teleported uppercut that hit Montreux's jaw. The alliance lose the rest of the challenges and are kicked out of the base. Outside the base the alliance disbands and the Greed Island Players go their separate ways.[4]

Not long after leaving the gym, he and Yabibi are killed by the Bomb Devils.[5]

Abilities & Powers Edit

Montreux is moderately perceptive, realizing the boxer pirate was an Emitter because the ring was ideal for this type of Nen users. He managed to briefly have the upper hand against his opponent, though he was eventually knocked out in a single blow.[4]

Nen Edit

Montreux's Nen Type: Emission
Type: Emission Projectile Punches
MontreuxNen2 Montreux performs punches while not directly hitting the target but propelling forward small bursts of aura around the same size as his fists to hit the target. The aura projectiles Montreux sends flying at his opponents carry immense speed as Montreux even stated that if his opponent isn't prepared in advance for the attack there would be no way to dodge it.[4]


  • In the Viz translation of Chapter 157, Montreux is incorrectly referred to as "Zeho".[4]


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