"A suit who's all talk and a weakling who gets clobbered by a rookie!! I've always hated how over-hyped you've been!!"

— Muherr to Pariston Hill and Ging Freecss in "Inauguration"
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Muherr (ミュヘル, Myuheru) is a soldier affiliated with Beyond Netero and who also seems to be an old acquaintance of Ging Freecss. He was an examinee in the 289th Hunter Exam, but failed in the final phase.


Muherr has slanted eyes, long hair, and a pair of prominent pointy ears. He wears a dark zipper jacket and pants, dark fingerless gloves, along with an almost knee-high boots.


Muherr is a prideful and collected person, that despite maintaining a calm and unperturbed behavior, is inclined to talk rudely, without any respect for its interlocutor. He also seems to be quite suspicious and mistrustful, especially towards Ging.[1] Being a proud soldier, Muherr dislikes anyone that tries to win his loyalty with money.[2]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Chap 348 - Muherr during the Hunter Exam

Muherr as an applicant of the Hunter Exam

Following Beyond's plan, Muherr and other soldiers try to pass the 289th Hunter Exam, in pursuance of infiltrating the Hunter Association during the expedition in the Dark Continent. However, Muherr and his soldiers were discovered by Kurapika and failed the exam.[1]

Muherr returns to Beyond's team headquarters only to find Ging, and believing that he is a spy sent from the Hunters Association, rudely tells him to leave. Surprised by the fact that the rest of Beyond's team is starting to like Ging and trust him, Muherr asks what Ging's reasons for joining them are. Ging answers that his aims are to help Beyond and hinder Pariston, but Muherr's distrust of Ging still remains.[1] On pre-issued orders from Pariston, Muherr's men attack Ging to test him, though Ging discovers Pariston's ploy soon afterwards.[2]

Chap 347 - Ging and Muherr talking

Muherr and Ging discussing matters.

Later, Muherr confronts Ging and reveals to him that he did not have anything against him becoming the number two in the team, but the fact that he tried to buy their trust with money was unforgivable. Ging apologizes and offers to donate their money to the Norwell Fund. Muherr and his men acknowledge him as the number two, but not before making it clear that despite this, it will be Muherr that will give the orders to everyone on the battlefield and that his orders are absolute. Ging agrees and salutes, while comically answering, "Sir! Yes Sir!"[2]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Little of Muherr's abilities is known. He appears to be very competent in military procedures and tactics, and he is in charge of the whole expedition party. He was deemed capable enough to head to the Dark Continent. In fact, his overall skills are so remarkable they caught the Hunter Association's attention. Since he threatened to shoot Ging, it can be inferred that he is familiar with firearms.


Muherr is implied to be a Nen user, although none of his techniques has been shown as of yet.


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