Myuhan (ミュハン, Myuhan) was one of the personal soldiers of Prince Tserriednich.[2]


Myuhan had short prickly hair, small eyebrows, and a big nose. As a Royal Bodyguard, he wore black suit and a tie.[2]


Chap 370 - Myuhan provoked

Myuhan provoked by Kurapika

Myuhan seemed to take after the personality of his prince, Tserriednich, when it came to cold-blooded murder.[2] He tested his limitations with Kurapika during their Nen training by allegedly being unaware that he was going against the rules. Although he did promise that he was a man of his word, he admitted that he lost his cool when others do not. He seemed to be loyal to Tserriednich, as when Kurapika blamed Tserriednich for his guard's actions, an enraged Myuhan attempted to assault Kurapika before being restrained by his colleague. Due to his characters, he was despised by the others, and even the mysterious assassin would believe that he was dense.[3]


Succession Contest arcEdit

Chap 370 - Nen Course

Myuhan amongst the people to be taught Nen

Myuhan is first seen standing behind Theta as she informs Prince Tserriednich that all of his personal bodyguards have passed the 289th Hunter Exam.[1]

Prince Tserriednich sends Myuhan and Danjin, to attend Kurapika's two-week teaching of Nen. Myuhan muses to himself an order given to him by the Prince that he has permission to execute everyone if they are to fail learning Nen within the two-week period. Though Danjin suggests he doesn't need learn Nen, just for the sake of being able to kill everyone.[2]

Chap 376 - Myuhan dies

Silent Majority kills Myuhan

When Kurapika explains that no one is to cross the white line, Myuhan does so. Kurapika then demands to know Myuhan's name and affiliation, to which he answers and Kurapika gives him a warning. Myuhan plays the fool and claims that he has failed to see the white line and apologizes, while promising that he won't cross it again. He also states that he hopes Kurapika will keep his promise and that it is not a ploy. Kurapika however assures his Nen teaching will take two-weeks and seemingly expresses his opinion that Tserriednich is the reason of Myuhan's behavior, which enrages him. Danjin stops Myuhan from assaulting Kurapika while apologizing on his behalf, and promises no further mishaps will happen from them.[3]

After Loberry's outburst, Myuhan witnesses Barrigen killed by a small pack of snakes.[3] Fifteen minutes later, he insists on finishing the course and, when instructed to do so, clasps his hands together.[4] The following day, Myuhan returns to Room 1014 and immediately heads to the toilet, where he would be attacked and killed by Silent Majority.[5]

Abilities & PowersEdit

As a Provisional Hunter, Myuhan still has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. However, these are all temporary, and his Hunter status and license would expire after the voyage.[6]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic ميوهان


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