Neo-Green Life (NGL)



Neo-Gurīn Raifu (Enu Jī Eru) Jichikoku

Location Statistics
Located in

Mitene Union

Controlled by

Gyro (Former)
International Peacekeeper Force
Hunter Association


Chimera Ants

Manga Debut

Chapter 187

Anime Debut

Episode 77 (2011)

Neo-Green Life (NGL) (ネオグリーンライフ(エヌ)(ジー)(エル)()()(こく), Neo-Gurīn Raifu (Enu Jī Eru) Jichikoku) is an autonomous state and part of the Mitene Union, inhabited by a neo-luddite culture. It is bordered by the Republic of Rokario.[1]

The people of NGL reject any form of modern technology[1] and prevent anything created from synthetic materials from entering their country.[2] Any smuggling of technological goods, modern medicine, or weapons is dealt with through imprisonment or death sentence. Their main form of correspondence is through use of letters while the primary mode of transport is by horse.[1] In order to enter the country, one must go through an extensive full-body examination, x-ray scan, and ultrasound.[2] The country was populated by 2.17 million civilians prior to its decimation.[1]


Hunter X Hunter World Map

NGL's location on the map

The NGL movement was first established by Gyro at the age of 21 and fully became a nation nine years later.[3] Gyro is also founder of the NGL's underworld; he used the isolationist policy to his advantage and created narcotics and weapons factories. He created and distributed the popular drug .[4] In 1987, a TV crew consisting of three people attempted to infiltrate and get coverage; the three were captured and one of them was executed while the other two remain imprisoned as of 2000. Before the Chimera Ant infestation, there was an epidemic, but the people refused for foreign doctors to be admitted into the country because they wanted to be "pristine".[1]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

NGL 2011

A village in NGL

The Chimera Ant Queen finds a suitable home here and begins the mass production of ants. The leader, Gyro, is among the humans killed and turned into food for the queen. Following the infestation, NGL was decimated and transformed into a permanent nature reserve controlled by the Hunter Association. The refugees were divided among the remaining countries of the Mitene Union.[5] Based on Ging's conversation with Cheadle, Pariston will most likely uses the 5000 Chimera Ants left behind by Meruem after his death in the NGL as his playground and potential testing area for the next Hunter Exam.[6]


  • NGL (En Jī Eru) is an anagram of the English word "energy" (enerujī).
  • This country shares many similarities to real-life Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge regime. Both did not allow any form of development beyond the primary sector and punishments are dealt with severely. Neo-Luddism were both widespread among the countries. Both countries have inculcated strong, potentially self-destructive beliefs in the populace. For example, if an outbreak occurred in the NGL, citizens would not be too fazed, and would resort to "waiting it out". In Khmer Rouge's Cambodia, citizens weren't allowed to see any doctors, and many died as a result. Both countries also had shady characters leading it: Gyro and Pol Pot. The significant difference, however, is the population's willingness to subject themselves to such a regime.


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