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"Predictions exist to help living beings achieve happiness. And I've always wanted to become a clairvoyant."

— Neon Nostrade, to Chrollo Lucilfer[1]
2011 | 1999 | Manga

Neon Nostrade main

Neon Nostrade



Neon Nosutorādo

Japanese Voice

Yuko Maekawa (1999)
Kana Ueda (2011)

English Voice

Jasmin Dobranski (1999)
Faye Mata (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 70

Anime Debut

Episode 48 (1999)
Episode 41 (2011)


Female Female



Eye Color

Blue (1999 & 2011)
Brown (Manga)

Hair Color

Pink (manga & 1999)
Blue (2011)



Previous Occupation

Fortune Teller


Light Nostrade (Father)




Lovely Ghostwriter (Angelic Auto Writing) (Former)

Image Gallery

Neon Nostrade (ネオン=ノストラード, Neon Nosutorādo) is the daughter of Light Nostrade of the Nostrade Family and a flesh collector.[2]


2011 | 1999 | Manga

Neon Nostrade 2011 Design

Neon Nostrade 2011 Design

In the 2011 anime, Neon has blue hair tied back with a yellow bow, and has a rather petite figure. She wears a pink and red striped top and a plain white dress, as well as very large purple shoes. In the 1999 version, she has pink hair with a pink and white dress. When she sneaks into the underground auction, she wears a plain night gown and large sandals.


Neon is a spoiled and self-centered young lady. She throws tantrums whenever she doesn't get things her way.[3][4]She is shown to be childlike in the way she lacks empathy for others.[5] However, she first shows empathy towards another when her hand maid Eliza is in grief.[6] Although being pampered and apathetic, Neon's traits are actually a product of childlike innocence-and an inability to comprehend emotions beyond what a child can understand despite being sixteen years old. She is shown to be otherwise good natured. Neon is also fond of collecting human body parts, which is the main reason why the Nostrade family had to attend the Southernpiece Auction in Yorknew City.[2]


Yorknew City arc

Lovely Ghost Writer 2011

Neon uses her Lovely Ghost Writer

Dalzollene introduces the newly recruited bodyguards to Neon as she's within her room.[2] On August 31st Neon is picked up from the Ringon Airport and is escorted to Yorknew City by her bodyguards. On the way to Yorknew City, Dalzollene presents Neon with her work for September and she complains about the portion size. Dalzollene claims that Lord Trink and Lord Rotferi also wish to have their fortunes told. Neon refuses and threatens to quit, because her Father is over working her. So after contacting and negotiating a favorable deal with her father, uses her Hatsu Lovely Ghost Writer to complete her work for September. Dalzollene congratulates Neon for her hard work and Neon requests she go shopping before they attend the Underground Auction, to which Dalzollene complies. That night at Hotel Beitacle, Dalzollene contacts Light to inform him about his daughter's most recent fortunes.[7]


Kurapika informs Neon of the current events

As Dalzollene contacts Light, Neon enjoys a game of cards with her attendees. Upon learning she can't attend the Underground Auction, she has a giant tantrum,[3] but later becomes completely exhausted from her tantrum and passes out.[4] At 2 A.M. on September 2nd, (Sometime after Uvogin of the Phantom Troupe escapes) Kurapika and Squala awaken Neon and inform her of the current situation. Neon however shows no interest of what occurred and cares more for the Queen of Colco Mummy she wanted at the Auction, but is assured by Kurapika that all of items have been moved to a safe location. Curious to know when the next auction will be held, Kurapika responds that it's currently unknown and since Dalzollene used to handle communications, they can't do anything themselves. So Neon suggests they contact her Father. Ultimately it's decided Kurapika will become the next head bodyguard and the one who asks Light how to proceed. Neon contacts her Father and explains the situation at hand to him and gives the phone to Kurapika. [5]

49 - Neon sulking

Neon sulks

After Kurapika discuses everything over with Light, he informs Neon that her father shall the following night. Overjoyed by the news, thinking she'll get to go shopping again, Kurapika bursts her bubble by informing her she's to stay in hear room until Light arrives. Upset by not being able to go to the casino, she declares she wants to play cards as Kurapika leaves her room.[5] On September 3rd sometime after Light's arrival and is informed of the situation at hand by the bodyguards, Neon pouts hearing that she has to go home, further more that all of the items in the auction have been stolen causing it to be canceled. Her mood changes however when her father promises her the auction will be held again next year and is assured that the items will be returned. Neon however points out that her father barely keeps his promises, both to their amusement. Light assigns Melody and Basho to guard Neon, while she's being escorted back to their mansion and has Neon return to her room to pack her things.[8]

That afternoon in the Ringon Airport, Neon goes on a shopping spree with her attendees, Basho, and Melody. During their break Neon uses the women's restroom to freshen herself up. Although she takes a long time in said restroom, her attendant Eliza check up on her only to find out she's gone missing. It's revealed that Neon managed to sneak out of the bathroom by hiding herself in a crowd of women, while wearing a wig. Neon throws the wig away and marches out of the airport, while claiming her father was lying about bringing her to the auction As Neon leaves the airport, an illusive man carrying a picture of her observes her from afar.[9] It's reported from one of the checkpoint officers stationed around the city that Neon tried to gain access through one of the check points, but after being denied she flees into a cab. The cab Neon fled into passes through a checkpoint and Neon thanks the man (Chrollo) for helping her escape the pinch she was in.[10]

Chrollo observing Neon's fortune telling

Chrollo observes Neon's Fortune Telling

The man simply says she's very welcome and later the two each enjoy a beverage in the restaurant part of the Cemetery Building. Chrollo mentions that Neon is a fortune teller and Neon claims that a lot of influential know of her and her fortune accuracy is spot on. So as soon as Chrollo completes the prerequisites to have his fortune told Neon uses her Lovely Ghost Writer to compose his fortune, as he carefully observes.[10] When finishes, Neon presents Chrollo his fortune and explains how the fortune can be read. While reading it, he cries; surprising Neon. Chrollo believes his fortune is accurate and tries to inquire about the first sentence to the fortune, but Neon claims she never looks at her fortunes feeling it'd be more accurate if she didn't get involved. Curious Chrollo inquires if Neon believes in the afterlife, as parts of his fortune foretold of a soul's eternal rest. Neon states that she doesn't as for fortunes are to help the living and his fortune is to comfort him not a departed soul, to which Chrollo understands her logic.[1]

Chrollo catches Neon

Chrollo catches an unconscious Neon

The two go on a walk within the building as Neon informs Chrollo she merely cited a fortune teller from her T.V. she saw as a child. Neon admits she felt inspired by the fortune teller, but it turns out years later she was arrested for fraud. Chrollo asks if it was the Galactic Grandma and Neon confirms it. Although a fraud, it still motivated Neon to pursue becoming a fortune teller when she grows up and loved her philosophy. Also apparently the Galactic Grandma didn't believe in the afterlife, so she doesn't as well. Chrollo mentions he believes in souls and wishes to fulfill a wish from his lost comrade and after Neon asks what it is, she falls unconscious. Chrollo catches her and requests a mafioso to arrange a room for her and to call a doctor. The mafioso states that there's rooms available for guests and when he contacts his superior Bean to contact an ambulance. Bean initially refuses, but concedes after learning whom the victim is.[1]

Kurapika looks at Neon

Kurapika observes Neon

As Bean orders for an ambulance to be called, an Assassin hired to deal with the Phantom Troupe, observes a tape that reveals Neon was knocked unconscious by a swift blow by Chrollo. As soon as Light and Kurapika arrive in the Cemetery Building they check up on the unconscious Neon. Light speculates how Neon managed to get within the building and Kurapika inquires if she's involved with other clans within the community, but Light denies she is as her predictions is her sole interaction within the community. Kurapika then checks the Hunter Association website and finds out Neon's picture along with the rest of the Nostrade bodyguards aside from Melody and himself are on there and the person who brought Neon there saw the picture on the website. Furious by the news Light proclaims he'll personally kill the person, but Kurapika calms him down and speculates the man's motive. He also states that he's contacted Melody and the other bodyguards should arrive shortly and advises that Light stay with her daughter, as he predicts that not only the auction will be canceled again, but also the surrounding area will become a battlefield.[1]

As soon as everything settled down within the surrounding area, Neon is transported to the locale hospital via an ambulance.[11] However Kurapika's prediction was proven wrong and the auction started right after the Phantom Troupe's corpses were found and when the Scarlet Eyes are up for auction Kurapika bids 500 Million Jenny only to be outbid by Zenji for 1 Billion Jenny. In the end Kurapika won the Scarlet Eyes for 2.9 Billion Jenny, which infuriates Light, but calms himself down claiming it's for the best since the more money will go back into the community. And with his daughter's ability it'll easily be paid off, thus raising Light's prestige within the community. Light also claims with his daughter he'll get all of the money he desires. After Neon wakes up she's overjoyed to receive the Scarlet Eyes she's wanted and forgives her Father, much to his pleasure. Outside of Neon's room in the hospital Light thanks the bodyguards for their hard work and mentions that all that's left is to get the celebrity used tissues in the auction tomorrow and orders Basho and Melody to accompany Neon on her shopping trips.[12]

On September 4th Neon admires her Scarlet Eyes in her hotel room.[13] Later that night Neon goes on another shopping trip and Melody informs Kurapika that Basho is close to losing his temper.[14] It's revealed by Melody when Eliza learned of Squala's death she had a had a mental breakdown and Neon showing empathy decided to go home early not caring for the items she wanted from the auction.[6]

Greed Island arc

When Kurapika was summoned by Light; he and Melody pass by Neon's room who sits on her bed in wondering why her Ghost won't come out any more. Apparently Light also succumbed to a mental break down not only learning that his daughter can no longer use her ability, but also he can't pay off the 2.9 million debt he owes to the community and is ridden with anxiety on what to do that month. Kurapika tries to calm Light down, Light demands that Neon be brought back to normal.[15]

Abilities & Powers

When her father was the head of a mafia clan, Neon had authority over his employees and access to his wealth, provided she had her father's permission. Her reputation caused her and her father to be liked by the Ten Dons, although her influence on the mafia probably ended with the loss of her powers.


Neon is a Specialist. Although she never trained in Nen, she was able to develop a Hatsu ability, a feat that qualifies her as a genius. Her prophetic abilities allowed her father to be highly esteemed by the most powerful leaders of the mafia. Neon's ability was stolen by Chrollo Lucilfer, and she is now unable to use it.

Neon's Nen Type: Specialization
Type: Specialization

Lovely Ghostwriter (天使の自動筆記 (ラブリーゴーストライター) Angelic Auto Writing) (Former)

Lovely Ghost Writer 2011

Neon predicts the future through quatrains that she writes down unconsciously; the summoned Lovely Ghostwriter manipulates Neon's arm to automatically write her poems.[1] The target must hand write his name (aliases and handles count), full date of birth, and blood type on the piece of paper on which she will write the poem.[10] A picture of the target's face is necessary if he isn't present.[16]

Neon's fortunes take the form of a poem with four or five quatrains of four lines each. Each verse represents a week of the current month, and typically events referenced in the poem are present as metaphors.[1] Inauspicious fortunes always contain advice, and misfortune can be avoided if warnings are heeded. She cannot predict her own future.[3][16]

Appearances in Other Media

Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission

Neon and guards

Neon accompanied by her guards in Battle Olympia

Neon attends the Battle Olympia tournament at Heavens Arena, and is accompanied by Kurapika, Melody, and Linssen. Kurapika and Melody stay close to her side as she looks down at the ring. She takes her father's place in attending the tournament, as he was feeling ill at the time. She nearly falls asleep during Netero's speech out of boredom. Right before the tournament starts, she is interested in one of the competitors, and happily looks to Kurapika to talk with him about it, only to find him missing (he had gone to meet Hisoka). Along with everyone in the stadium, Neon is taken hostage. When she is freed during Biscuit's fighting against the intruders, she laughs excitedly as she watches the woman fight. After the tournament is finished, Neon returns home in a car filled with stuffed animals with Linssen as her driver. Kurapika and Melody accompany her in a separate vehicle.


Neon pu

Neon and Puu

  • Her last name Nostrade is probably a reference to Nostradamus, the famous French seer, and La Cosa Nostra, the nickname for the Italian mafia.
  • She has the same voice actress as Kalluto in the 1999 anime adaptation.
  • On episode 41 of the 2011 series, she has a Pu figurine from YuYu Hakusho tied on her phone strap.


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