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"Predictions exist to help living beings achieve happiness. And I've always wanted to become a clairvoyant."

— Neon Nostrade, to Chrollo Lucilfer[1]
2011 | 1999 | Manga

Neon Nostrade main

Neon Nostrade



Neon Nosutorādo

Japanese Voice

Yuko Maekawa (1999)
Kana Ueda (2011)

English Voice

Jasmin Dobranski (1999)

Manga Debut

Chapter 70

Anime Debut

Episode 48 (1999)
Episode 41 (2011)


Female Female



Eye Color

Blue (1999 & 2011)
Brown (Manga)

Hair Color

Pink (manga & 1999)
Blue (2011)



Previous Occupation

Fortune Teller


Light Nostrade (Father)




Lovely Ghostwriter (Angelic Auto Writing) (Former)

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Neon Nostrade (ネオン=ノストラード, Neon Nosutorādo) is the daughter of Light Nostrade of the Nostrade Family and a flesh collector.[2]


2011 | 1999 | Manga

Neon Nostrade 2011 Design

Neon Nostrade 2011 Design

In the 2011 anime, Neon has blue hair tied back with a yellow bow, and has a rather petite figure. She wears a pink and red striped top and a plain white dress, as well as very large purple shoes. In the 1999 version, she has pink hair with a pink and white dress. When she sneaks into the underground auction, she wears a plain night gown and large sandals.


Neon is a spoiled and self-centered young lady. She throws tantrums whenever she doesn't get things her way.[3][4]She is shown to be childlike in the way she lacks empathy for others.[5] However, she first shows empathy towards another when her hand maid Eliza is in grief.[6] Although being pampered and apathetic, Neon's traits are actually a product of childlike innocence-and an inability to comprehend emotions beyond what a child can understand despite being sixteen years old. She is shown to be otherwise good natured. Neon is also fond of collecting human body parts, which is the main reason why the Nostrade family had to attend the Southernpiece Auction in Yorknew City.[2]


Yorknew City arc

Dalzollene and Neon

Neon is first introduced when Dalzollene knocks on her bedroom door asking to come in, which she allows. He is then seen sitting on her bed.[2] In the beginning of September, Neon is escorted off an airship somewhere in the Gordeau Desert by her bodyguards and is driven off in a car heading towards Yorknew City. While driving to Yorknew City, Dalzollene hands Neon her work for September, and she complains that it is a lot. Dalzollene tells her that Lord Trink and Lord Rotferi also wish to have their fortunes told. Neon refuses, saying that she'd quit if her father gave her more work. Dalzollene apologizes and brings up the point that they're both people her father is very loyal to. Neon then asks where her father is, and Dalzollene replies that he's in a conference. Before Dalzollene could finish, Neon interjects, saying that he's probably with some woman.[7]

Lovely Ghost Writer 2011

Neon then calls her father and tells him she's not going to do any more work, but after arguing with her father for a bit she concedes, and accepts her father's promise. She assures her father that if he breaks his promise she'll quit for real next time. When Neon hangs up the phone on her father, she gives out a joyful cheer, saying that she's gotten herself another treasure. Dalzollene congratulates her on her accomplishment and Neon starts working on the papers with her Hatsu Lovely Ghost Writer. When Neon finishes, Dalzollene compliments her for finishing her work. Neon then asks if the Underground Auction will be held tomorrow, stating she'd like to go shopping in the meantime. Dalzollene says yes and that he and the other bodyguards will accompany her. Dalzollene later calls Neon's father from the Hotel Beitacle to inform him on something that's bothering him in Neon's fortunes.[7]


Kurapika talks with Neon

While Dalzollene is talking with Neon's father about the situation, Neon is seen enjoying herself while playing a game of cards with her attendee Eliza and an unnamed attendee. After learning she can't go to the auction, Neon has a giant tantrum, throwing various things around her.[3] After the tantrum, she is seen sleeping on her bed completely exhausted.[4] On the early morning of September 2nd, (after Uvogin of the Phantom Troupe escaped) Neon is shown sleeping on her bed in the Beitacle Hotel as Kurapika and Squala try to wake her up.

When she finally wakes, she asks Kurapika the time, and he responds that it's 2:00 A.M. Flustered, Neon asks about the bids at the auction, and Kurapika responds that they were canceled. Worried, Neon asks why. Kurapika tells her that criminals attacked the auction and that Baise, Shachmono Tocino, and Ivlenkov were among the casualties. Squala informs her that Dalzollene was most likely killed as well.[5]

Neon reveals herself to have cared more about the items that were being sold at the auction than the deaths of those listed. Particular to her interest is the Queen of Colco Mummy.

Squala becomes nervous at Neon's selfish and cold response. Kurapika (unfazed) assures Neon that the items were in a safe place, which lightens Neon's mood. She then asks Kurapika when the next auction is, and he responds that he doesn't know. Neon becomes frustrated through not knowing when the next auction is being held, and asks why. Kurapika then informs Neon that until now all work received was from Dalzollene, but now that he's supposedly dead they have no one that can give them orders so they can't act. Neon suggests that they call her father on her phone. After the remaining bodyguards decide that Kurapika should be the new leader of the group, Neon says she'll call her father and explain the situation and then introduce him to her father.[5]

When Light picks up the phone, she informs him that thieves entered the auction house and also of Dalzollene's suspected death. Neon also tells her father that shes handing the phone over to the man who's replaced Dalzollene and to not hang up. Kurapika then talks with Neon's father about the situation at hand and what to do next. After Kurapika finishes talking with Light, he informs Neon that her father will be arriving tomorrow night. She is overjoyed by the news, thinking she's going to be getting a whole new set of clothes. Kurapika bursts her bubble by telling her that her father's orders are for her to stay quiet in her room until his arrival. Neon is upset by this since she wanted to go to the casino. After Kurapika leaves the room, it is implied she asks the other bodyguards to play a game of cards with her.[5]

49 - Neon sulking

Neon is seen again pouting as Light is updated and gets a better understanding of the situation from the remaining active bodyguards. He thanks them for all of the work they've done thus far, since his daughter would've been mortally wounded if nothing had been done.

Due to the recent events, Light decides that it's best that Neon returns home, much to Neon's disappointment. Since all of the items in the auction have been stolen and the auction has been canceled, staying there is meaningless. She admits that she really wanted to go nonetheless. Light assures Neon that there will be auctions next year and the objects she wanted from the auction will be taken back from the thieves. Neon is excited by this and asks her father if he means it, and Light tells her of course.[8]

Light asks Neon whether or not he's broken a promise made to her. Neon then says that he should ask her if he has kept a promise to her, and he agrees.

Light then assigns Melody and Basho to guard Neon while she's taken back to their mansion, and then tells Neon to go to her room and pack her things.

On September 3rd at the Ringon Airport, Neon is seen shopping with Eliza, Basho, Melody, and an unnamed attendee.

While shopping, Neon finds a certain foundation cream she's been looking for, lipstick, spray, nail polish, and a wig that catches her eye. When Melody informs Neon that it's time to leave, she demands 5 more minutes to buy some more clothes. After Neon is done shopping Basho and Melody catch their breaths as she converses with everyone.[9]

When Neon spots a group of women entering the women's bathroom, she asks Basho and Melody to watch over her stuff when she's gone and then leaves for the bathroom. Soon after Neon enters the bathroom, the group of women that she spotted enter leave with an extra person in their group. It's soon revealed that it was Neon in disguise and upon leaving the group, thanks them. Neon throws away the wig she used for her disguise and thinks to herself that her father is a liar. Neon also notes that whenever her father promises something, it tends to be a lie and that he never had any intention whatsoever to bring her to the auction. As Neon leaves the airport, a concealed man with a picture of her carefully observes her from afar.[9]

After passing a checkpoint via car in Yorknew City, Neon thanks the man from the airport, saying that it was a good thing he was there or else she'd never have been able to get past the road block. The man (Chrollo) simply welcomes Neon. Neon and Chrollo later are seen in a restaurant in the Cemetery Building where the Underground Auction was being held. Chrollo brings up the fact that Neon is a fortune teller and that he sadly can't remember who told him. Neon confirms what Chrollo said and goes on to say that many high ranking people ask for her help. When Chrollo asks if it comes true every time shes does it, Neon tells him it does, so it seems. Chrollo is confused at what Neon said, asking her why she's so unsure when she's the one that does the predictions.[10]

Chrollo observing Neon's fortune telling

Chrollo observing Neon's Fortune Telling.

Neon details that the hand she writes with moves on it's own and writes the predictions down. Chrollo is fascinated by what he heard, and asks Neon if she could do it for him. She agrees. Neon then tells Chrollo that all he has to do is write down a piece of paper, his full name, date of birth, and blood type. When Chrollo finishes writing all of the necessary information down on a piece of paper; Neon reads his name out loud and comments how he's so much older than her and that his name is really uncommon. Chrollo then tells Neon that his friends call him "Dancho", to which Neon laughs. She tells him that it is no better, spins a pen in her hand and begins by summoning her "Lovely Ghost Writer". When she does, Chrollo watches carefully as she writes down his prediction on a piece of paper.[10]

When Neon finishes writing Chrollo's prediction, she hands it over to him. Neon then explains that her predictions are a little weird, citing that there's always 4-5 paragraphs with four lines in each one. Each paragraph seems to contain predictions of the weeks and months to come and the first one always corresponds to something that has already happened. Neon is caught off guard when she sees Chrollo crying after he finished reading his prediction. Chrollo praised Neon's prediction and when he offered to show it to her, she instantly refuses, saying that she never reads her clients predictions. She gets the impression that it's best not to get involved and also thinks to herself that it's the first time she's seen a boy cry.[1]

Neon and Chrollo

Neon discussing about the departed with Chrollo.

While Chrollo says he understands, and then if she believes in the afterlife (due to many of the lines being about death). Neon thinks about it for a moment and responds that she doesn't. Neon goes on to say that her predictions are for the living; for example if he reads that kind of sentence, then he shouldn't seek comfort in spirits, but within himself. Chrollo citing what Neon said is probably true, but Neon states that it wasn't her that said it, but another lady that she saw on T.V. as a child. Neon then quotes what the lady on the T.V. said and adds that her words moved her and that she thought she was right, but Neon also brings up the fact that several years later she was found out to be a fraud and was arrested. Chrollo then asks if the lady on the T.V.'s name was Galactic Grandma and Neon says that yes it was.[1]

Chrollo catches Neon

Neon then tells Chrollo that her words always stayed firmly in her mind, "Predictions exist to bring people happiness," and that's why she wanted to become a clairvoyant. Neon also states that Galactic Grandma also didn't believe in the afterlife, so she doesn't either. Chrollo then tells Neon that he believes in the existence of souls and that's why for the one that has left him and his comrades that he will carry out his final will. When Neon asks what Chrollo meant by that, she falls unconscious and Chrollo catches her and then asks a mafioso if there's a room where she can rest at, to which the mafioso responds that there's a place upstairs she can rest at. The mafioso then calls his superior Bean when Chrollo requests that a doctor be called. Bean however refuses due to the restrictions of letting in unauthorized people, so they'll drive her to a hospital themselves.[1]

Chrollo on the other hand brings up the point, that she's ill and that an amateur driver wouldn't suffice since she's the daughter of the head of the Nostrade Family. Bean understands and since Neon has influence with the Ten Dons. As Bean calls for an ambulance, an Assassin hired to deal with the Phantom Troupe, asks a mafioso to rewind a tape that showed the moment Neon fainted and it revealed Chrollo made a lightning fast chop to knock out Neon. And it was stated by said Assassin if it was a normal chop, her would have been decapitated. Later when Neon's Father Light and Kurapika arrives at the Cemetery building, it's revealed that she's on the 5th floor, resting in room 501. While Light speculates on how Neon could have entered the building, Kurapika asks if she's involved with any of the other clans, but Light denies that she is and tells Kurapika that aside from her predictions all he never involved her in his business.[1]

Kurapika looks at Neon

Kurapika then leaves Light to go check up on something and looks up some information on the Hunters Association Website to find that Neon along with all of the Bodyguards minus himself and Melody are one there. When Light finds out about this, he furiously declares that he'll find the person who did it and kill him. Kurapika then tells Light to calm down and his daughter's safety is top priority and since the situation makes it seem that Neon was the initial target and that if the pass he used to get through the checkpoint didn't work then he would have held her hostage during the auction. However with the situation at hand, Kurapika tells Light she's not safe here and must be transported elsewhere and that he's called Basho and Melody and they should be over soon. Light questions Kurapika if they can be trusted, but Kurapika doesn't answer his question, but tells him that he'll stay with them.[1]

Light then brings up the question about the auction, but Kurapika tells him that there will be no auction, which surprises Light. Kurapika then explains that the surrounding area will be a battlefield and that will cause the auction to be canceled once again.[1] However Kurapika's prediction was proven wrong and the auction was held again right after the Phantom Troupe's corpses were found and when the Scarlet Eyes are up for auction Kurapika bids 500 Million Jenny only to be outbid by Zenji for 1 Billion Jenny. In the end Kurapika won the Scarlet Eyes for 2.9 Billion Jenny, which infuriates Light that he had to spend so much on the eyes. But Light figures it's all for the best, since the money will go to support the mafia community and with Neon's ability it would easily be paid off. And in doing so Light's influence in the mafia community would rise, all thanks to his daughter Neon's ability whom he watches over at her bedside. Light then notes that he must prioritize his daughters health over everything else and that she's more important than ever.[11]

When Neon finally wakes up, she's overjoyed to see that she got the Scarlet Eyes and notes that they look so cute. When her Father asks her if the eyes will make her feel better she simply responds with yes and she forgives him, much to his pleasure. After Light leaves Neon's room he talks with the bodyguards and thanks them for all of their hard work and allows them to return to the hotel. Light also brings up a Used Tissue of an actor will be up for auction tomorrow and that it's up to them to get it and he also mentions to Basho and Melody that in a couple of days the two of them will accompany Neon on a shopping trip.[11] On September 4th Neon is shown in her hotel room admiring the Scarlet Eyes, while Melody calls Kurapika to tell him that the Mafia Community cancels the hunt for the Phantom Troupe.[12]

Later that night on September 4th Neon goes on another shopping trip, irritating Basho to the point of "exploding" as told by Melody.[13] It's later found out by Melody, when news about Squala's death reached to one of her female attendants Eliza; Neon is shown to give her compassion and decides to go home even without the items that she wanted from the auction.[6]

Greed Island arc

She is briefly seen again unable to use her Hatsu anymore, having been stolen by the leader of the Phantom Troupe.[14]

Abilities & Powers

When her father was the head of a mafia clan, Neon had authority over his employees and access to his wealth, provided she had her father's permission. Her reputation caused her and her father to be liked by the Ten Dons, although her influence on the mafia probably ended with the loss of her powers.


Neon is a Specialist. Although she never trained in Nen, she was able to develop a Hatsu ability, a feat that qualifies her as a genius. Her prophetic abilities allowed her father to be highly esteemed by the most powerful leaders of the mafia. Neon's ability was stolen by Chrollo Lucilfer, and she is now unable to use it.

Neon's Nen Type: Specialization
Type: Specialization

Lovely Ghostwriter (天使の自動筆記 (ラブリーゴーストライター) Angelic Auto Writing) (Former)

Lovely Ghost Writer 2011

Neon predicts the future through quatrains that she writes down unconsciously; the summoned Lovely Ghostwriter manipulates Neon's arm to automatically write her poems.[1] The target must hand write his name (aliases and handles count), full date of birth, and blood type on the piece of paper on which she will write the poem.[10] A picture of the target's face is necessary if he isn't present.[15]

Neon's fortunes take the form of a poem with four or five quatrains of four lines each. Each verse represents a week of the current month, and typically events referenced in the poem are present as metaphors.[1] Inauspicious fortunes always contain advice, and misfortune can be avoided if warnings are heeded. She cannot predict her own future.[3][15]

Appearances in Other Media

Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission

Neon and guards

Neon accompanied by her guards in Battle Olympia

Neon attends the Battle Olympia tournament at Heavens Arena, and is accompanied by Kurapika, Melody, and Linssen. Kurapika and Melody stay close to her side as she looks down at the ring. She takes her father's place in attending the tournament, as he was feeling ill at the time. She nearly falls asleep during Netero's speech out of boredom. Right before the tournament starts, she is interested in one of the competitors, and happily looks to Kurapika to talk with him about it, only to find him missing (he had gone to meet Hisoka). Along with everyone in the stadium, Neon is taken hostage. When she is freed during Biscuit's fighting against the intruders, she laughs excitedly as she watches the woman fight. After the tournament is finished, Neon returns home in a car filled with stuffed animals with Linssen as her driver. Kurapika and Melody accompany her in a separate vehicle.


Neon pu

Neon and Puu

  • Her last name Nostrade is probably a reference to Nostradamus, the famous French seer, and La Cosa Nostra, the nickname for the Italian mafia.
  • She has the same voice actress as Kalluto in the 1999 anime adaptation.
  • On episode 41 of the 2011 series, she has a Pu figurine from YuYu Hakusho tied on her phone strap.


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