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Nick Cue (ニック=キュー, Nikku Kyū) was a player of the Greed Island game, a member of team Kazsule and his alliance.[1]




Greed Island arcEdit

Nick Cue and Souheil are present when their team leader Kazsule does a trade with Gon for his "Witch's Love Potion" for their "Book of V.I.P. Passes".[1]

Asta In Meeting About The Bomber

The alliance meeting

His team leader Kazsule organizes a meeting of different teams to discuss how to prevent the Bomb Devils from winning the game. Nick Cue mentions that the Bomb Devils need four more cards in order to complete the game. So an alliance is formed between the groups and when it's decided that they should get a monopoly of one of the cards the Bomb Devils need, that being the "Plot of Beach", the group head to Soufrabi to acquire the card.[2]

The moment the alliance arrives in Soufrabi, Kazsule explains to everyone how to acquire an SS-Ranked card. The alliance then splits into groups and asks around town on the "Plot of Beach" card. This however proves futile as nobody in town has any information on it. Nick Cue teamed with Souheil and Manheim mentions how strange it is since nobody originally told them anything. Manheim points out there could have been certain conditions, to which Nick Cue agrees with and suggests they continue questioning the locals. Kazsule on the other hand finds a woman NPC who has information on it and will tell them it in exchange for driving the Razor Pirates out of town. The alliance then heads to a local bar where they confront a group of pirates and are challenged to a sumo match by one of them named Bopobo.[3]

Pirates And Guesses

At Razor's base

Zeho steps up to the challenge and fails, so Killua tries and beats the pirate. At Razor's lighthouse base Razor challenges the group to a series of sport trials. The first being boxing and Montreux volunteers to take on the pirate.[4] However he's beaten by the pirate and the alliance lose their other matches with the other pirates and are kicked out of the lighthouse base. Outside it's decided for the alliance to disband and everyone aside from Gon's team and Goreinu go their separate ways.[5] Nick Cue's name is mentioned in Gon's Binder.[6] It's learnt after Gon's team beats the Razor pirates that the Bomb Devils kill off all of the alliance members.[7]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Gon's team estimated him to be too weak to defeat Razor's convicts, as turned out to be the case. He was also unable to see the Pirate boxer's warping uppercut.[5]


Due to being able to access Greed Island, Nick Cue is capable of utilizing Nen.[8]


  • Greed Island arc:
    • Nick Cue, Kazsule and Souheil vs. Genthru, Bara and Sub[7]


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