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The doll maker of gods

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Naohito Fujiki

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Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge


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Phantom Troupe member #4


Retz (Younger sister, deceased)




Soul Doll

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Omokage (オモカゲ, Omokage) was the first #4 member of the Phantom Troupe, who was later replaced by Hisoka.


Omokage - Face

Omokage's appearance is fairly archaic Gothic. He has long flowing silver hair and turquoise eyes. He wears piercings in his lower lip, eyebrow and ears. Omokage clothing is reminiscent of the Kurta's in design, although not identical as it is much darker. He wears dark colored pants, a dark cape with white patterns over a long black top and black shoes. His spider tattoo is located on the palm of his right hand.


Even though he first wanted to make Retz a doll at the cost of her life, he still cares for her. He also has a superiority complex, as he calls other people "humans". Omokage collects the eyes of people. After the death of Uvogin and Pakunoda, he dug up Uvogin's grave and stole his eyes. This enraged the remaining Phantom Troupe members and they went after him.


Young Phantom Troupe

Omokage and the Phantom Troupes prior the Kurta Clan massacre.

When he was younger, he worked as a doll maker, with Retz as his assistant. Later on in his life, Omokage was once the #4 member of the Phantom Troupe, joining the group before the Kurta Clan massacre. Two years prior to the beginning of the series, he was replaced by Hisoka, who defeated a Soul Doll that had the appearance of Omokage. The only reason Omokage joined the Phantom Troupe was to make Soul Dolls out of the other Phantom Troupe members; once he completed his collection of Soul Dolls, he left the Phantom Troupe.


Phantom RougeEdit

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Abilities & PowersEdit


Omokage is a Specialist.

Omokage's Nen Type: Specialization
Type: Specialization Soul Doll (俤人 (ソウルドール) Sōru Dōru, "Mysterious Person")
Soul Doll Illumi
The ability to make a doll copy of a person that the target is strongly thinking about. Conditions in performing Soul Doll are :

Omokage's doll must be adjacent to the target while that person is thinking of someone. When the doll is adjacent to the target, it will turn into the person that the target is thinking about. The real person of whom the doll is based cannot feel or notice this (without actually being there).

Abilities of the dolls: Can emulate the memories, consciousness, and Nen abilities of the original person being copied. Even if the consciousness of the copy does not agree with Omokage, he/she cannot disobey his orders. The doll is complete when it has absorbed the eyes from a living human being. However, even if the eyes are absorbed, nothing special occurs. They can only see through that person's eyes as how the original owner would. They do not become stronger or gain any other special abilities. Even though the Nen abilities of the dolls are as strong as the memories of the person they were taken from, the physical strength and durability of the dolls are limited.

The person who got their eyes stolen from a Soul Doll can still see through the Doll's eyes, Omokage covers this weakness by closing the Doll's eyes.

If a doll that stole a person's eyes is defeated, the eyes will return to the original owner.

Type: Specialization Soul Call (タマヨバイ, Tama Yobai)
Eye ball Steal
Like his dolls, Omokage can use this ability to steal a person's eyes. He uses this ability to get back his own eyes from Retz.
Type: Specialization Doll Catcher (ドールキャッチャー, Dōru Kyatchā)
Doll Catcher
Omokage uses this ability to fuse with up to three Soul Dolls. In doing so, he is able to utilize the physical strength and Nen abilities of each of the Soul Dolls he fused with.


  • Omokage's name means "vestige" in Japanese, which could be in reference to his association with the Kurta clan massacre or simply his old-looking appearance.
  • Omokage has only appeared in the 2013 movie, Phantom Rouge.
  • Retz is the only Soul Doll to have disobeyed Omokage and later betrayed him.
  • Despite claiming himself as "doll maker of the gods", it was shown that his Soul Dolls do have some defects in them. Even though their Nen abilities were as powerful as the real person they were based on, their combat skills, physical strength and durability were inferior. This can be seen when Hisoka single-handedly "slain" Soul Dolls Machi, Feitan, Shalnark and Chrollo Lucilfer with little effort. Also, all the dolls have no eyes of their own. Furthermore, the dolls were also able to develop feelings of their own, and would betray their creator if they disagree with him, given Retz's case.
  • Oddly, the dolls were capable of fulfilling normal human biological needs, such as eating, drinking and sleeping, in the case of Retz.
  • In some way, he resembles Illumi Zoldyck in personality - both of them are unbalanced older brothers who love their younger sibling in a twisted way.


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