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Japanese Voice

Jun Suzuki (1999)
Masahiro Yamanaka (2011)

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Ethan Cole (1999)
Greg Chun (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 74

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Episode 52 (1999)
Episode 43 (2011)


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Shadow Beast




Convenient Kerchief (Former)

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Owl (梟, Fukurō) is one of the most valuable members of the Mafia community and a member of the Shadow Beasts, the elite guard of the Ten Dons.[1]



Owl's design in the 2011 anime

Like almost all members of this group, Owl resembles the animal that inspired his codename, with his huge, piercing eyes. For most of the time they remain hidden behind a large pair of sunglasses (even at night), which together with a large shirt and sandals, makes the Owl seem very unserious. He also has dark hair framing his face and a small mustache, as well as short beard on his chin.[1]


He never seems to worry too much about what's happening around, although in more serious situations tends to take an expression of great seriousness.[2]


Yorknew City arcEdit

Owl leaves the vault empty

Owl leaves the vault from the auction house empty.

Before the Phantom Troupe steals the auction items in Yorknew City, the Ten Dons ask for the Shadow Beasts' help. Before the start of the auction, Owl comes to the place where the auction is to be held and goes through the vault where the items were hidden and when he is done, he leaves the vault empty.[1] When Uvogin is captured by Kurapika, the members of the Phantom Troupe pursue them. Out of nowhere Owl suddenly jumps in front of the car and uses his Nen ability called "Fun Fun Cloth" to trap the members of the Troupe. However, he only manages to capture one. The remaining Shadow Beasts arrive and underestimate the Troupe based on their looks.[2] Owl cautions his comrades not to be reckless, but despite his words, his comrades confidently attack the Troupe and are quickly defeated.[3]

Owl after being torture by Feitan

Owl, after being tortured by Feitan.

Owl however is alive, but is held captive by the Phantom Troupe for some certain reasons. Later he is seen sitting in a chair with his hands tied and his face covered by a cloth. He was tortured by Feitan in order to make him talk on where the items from the auction are being kept.[4] According to Feitan, he surrenders quickly from the torture. His Nen ability is stolen by Chrollo, implying that Owl is still alive.[5]

Abilities & PowersEdit

As a Shadow Beast, Owl is very influential within the mafia community. He is also a capable fighter, one of the best serving under the Ten Dons, since he was chosen as one of their personal bodyguards. However, he was easily captured by Machi.

Enhanced Agility: Owl has a good sense of balance and remarkable athletic skills. He landed on the hood of a car during a high-speed chase while wearing flip-flops, and then jumped off just as easily.[2]


Owl is a Conjurer. As a Shadow Beast, he is one of the ten best Nen users within the mafia community, making him a fearsome opponent. His abilities also work well in conjunction with those of other Shadow Beasts. His ability works best when the opponent is in the dark about its effects, since it has no offensive or defensive capacities, but it can end the fight in one shot if used properly, making sneak attacks the best course of action. It is also very handy for capture and transportation.[2] He no longer has access to his ability, as it was stolen by Chrollo Lucilfer.[5]

Owl's Nen Type: Conjuration
Type: Conjuration Fun Fun Cloth (不思議で便利な大風呂敷 (ファンファンクロス) Mysterious Convenient Kerchief) (Former)
The Fun Fun Cloth is used by Owl to shrink whatever ends up in the cloth, whether it be an object or a living being, without any physical harm. The size of the fabric can change according to Owl's will. It also seems to be very durable, as it was used to successfully envelop a car in motion. Owl can then bring the object back to its original size by uncovering it.[2]


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