The Paladin's Necklace ((せい)()()()(くび)(かざ)()()()(), Seikishi no Kubikazari; also known as "Necklace of the Saint Knight") is a necklace found in Greed Island.[1]


As an item, a player wearing it will always be under the effect of the "Reflection" spell, protecting the wearer from attack-type spells and will be able to undo curses placed on cards he touches. It also means that cards under the spell effect of "Fake" or "Transform" will return to their original forms. It can be obtained in the monthly tournament in Antokiba.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit

Paladin's Necklace activates

Gon uses the necklace to return the fake card to its original from

When Gon's group retrieves the necklace, Gon wore it to prevent their cards from being stolen by spell cards.[1] But after using it to reveal a fake Favor Cushion (G.I card) traded by Michiro, Gon used the necklace on the Sick Villagers to remove their illness, which resulted in obtaining the designated the Wild Luck Alexandrite as a reward.[2] After clearing the game it is one of the three cards that Gon took out of the island to un-transform the "Plot of Beach (G.I card)" to an "Accompany (G.I card)" spell card.[3]


Paladin's Necklace Card Form

Paladin's Necklace (G.I card) form

It is the designated number 084 card and its rank-limit is D-60. Since the function of each card is based on the creators' Nen, this cards existence may imply that one of the creators is an exorcist.


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