Pap (パプ, Papu) is a mysterious beast that feeds on humans and keeps them as pets, one of the Five Great Calamities.[1] It lives in a mountain range in the Dark Continent along the Northeast shore of Lake Mobius, but some of its victims have also been found in the known world.[2]


Pap's appearance is still unknown. It seems to be able to sprout feelers which it inserts in the skulls of its human victims.[1]


When Begerossé Union sent 1000 people into an expedition to the Dark Continent, they went through the north of Lake Mobius, and secured a route inside the rugged mountains. There they found a rare mineral called Unmanned Rock that once submerged in water, even with one small bead, it can generate 20,000 kilowatts of power for one entire day. Unfortunately for them, that zone was also the territory of Pap that destroyed them effortlessly, leaving only seven survivors. Some of its victims were also found in the known world, and are secretly stored in the basement of the International Permit Agency.[2]

Abilities & PowersEdit

According to the Hunter Association's Dangerous Creatures Evaluation List, Pap merits a danger ranking of A, which is even higher than that of the Chimera Ants.[3] Its victims are shrunk to the size of dolls, and all have an antler sticking out of their head. The creature's full title reads "A trade-off between life and pleasure", which may be related to its abilities, and is said to be capable of taming humans.[1]


  • Since multiple sets of eyes were shown in Chapter 341, Pap might be a species rather than a single creature.


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