Peggy (ペギー, Pegī) was a Chimera Ant Squadron Leader.[1]


Peggy resembled a Crested penguin with white hair found along the sideburns of his face, eyebrows and ponytail, a yellow shaped mark on his forehead with 5 black dots that vaguely resembled an insect. He wore a yellow turtleneck shirt that ran across his neck down to his chest, a black coat with maroon four-fingered hands that remain vaguely hidden within his coat which would resemble the flippers of a penguin, and short brown pants.


He was likely the most knowledgeable among the Squadron Leaders, having spent his time reading and deducing the weapons the humans used were guns, among other things. He was also very concerned about the Queen's wellbeing, rushing to her when she was visibly wounded.[2]


In his human life, Peggy was the adopted father of Meleoron.


Chimera Ant arcEdit

When Colt, inquires Peggy for information on the corpses of some dead Chimera Ant Peons. Peggy informs Colt a majority of the ants were killed by guns, but one of them was killed by some other means. He warns Colt that humans' greatest ability is to learn and adapt and if they figure out the Chimera Ant Queen is the Chimera Ants' lifeline, they'll do what ever it takes to kill her. Colt scolds Peggy, knowing all to well it's their top priority to protect the Queen, to see to her needs, and do whatever it takes to protect Reina. This confuses Peggy, and asks who Reina is.[1]

Colt also confused by Peggy's question and asks the same, but Peggy rebuts it was Colt who mentioned her. Colt shakes off the question and changes the subject much to Peggy's confusion.[1] With Rammot's so called "rebirth"; Peggy is baffled by Rammot's fierce revival and is left speechless after Colt demands Rammot to strike him.[3] Peggy and Rammot confront Pig to acquire important information from him, about a recent rare human they may have captured.[4] When Neferpitou conducts the Water Divination, Peggy informs Neferpitou is Specialist.[5]


Meruem kills Peggy

With Netero, Morel Mackernasey, and Knov hunting the Chimera Ants surrounding the nest, it's revealed that Peggy is one of the fourteen Squadron Leaders to be left alive.[6] As soon as the King is born, Peggy is immediately killed by King for not appealing to his demand.[2] Peggy's sudden death causes Meleoron to regain some fragments of memory of his human life and turn traitor in order to avenge Peggy's death.[7]


  • His Japanese voice actor also voices Puhat, Loupe, and the narrator.
  • In Episode 148 (2011) the tour guide that leads Gon, Killua, and Alluka towards bears a striking resemblance towards Peggy, even carrying a book in his left hand.


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