Pekuba (ペクバ, Pekuba) was a member of Pokkle's NGL expedition team.[1]


Pekuba was a lanky young with large lips and messy white hair. He was seen wearing a long sleeved green shirt and a purple scarf.


Pekuba was easily unsettled and became frantic once he learned of the of threat level of the Chimera Ants.


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Pokkle's Team

Ponzu telling the group that the message wasn't picked up

While being part of an expedition team in NGL, with Pokkle, Ponzu, and Balda, the group witness a gun-wielding ant accompanied by more Chimera Ants hunt human prey.[1] Afterwards one of Ponzu's messenger bees returns with the S.O.S. message, she sent out to reach one of the other teams they established a network with. It's deduced that the five other Hunter groups were killed. Ultimately Pokkle proposes they get in contact with the outside world and warn them of what's going on in the NGL. Everyone agrees with that notion and when Pekuba voices concern for their safety in their current situation, a Chimera Ant ambushes him from behind and decapitating his head after tunneling up from the ground. Though perplexed by the situation Pekuba's severed head manages to scream that the Chimera Ants have arrived.[2]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic بيكوبا
France Flag French Pekuba


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