Pell (ペル, Peru) was a beetle-like Chimera Ant Soldier.[1]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

During the Phantom Troupe's siege against Zazan's division in Meteor City, Pell encounters Shalnark who tries to manipulate him, but to no avail.[1] Pell continuously tries to slice Shalnark with his sharp raptorial forelegs and manages to slice his abdomen. Spotting a weak point where he could insert his antenna into with a 20% chance of pulling this off without any injury; Shalnark takes the risk and inserts his antenna into a gap that's exposed between his shell, when he opens his body.[2]

Manipulation ability

Pell captures Shalnark

As Shalnark tries to manipulate Pell, the Chimera Ant ambushes Shalnark by surprise and restrains him. Shalnark confused by how he couldn't manipulate Pell; another Chimera Ant by the name of Boki appears holding a joystick controller and is revealed to already be manipulating Pell.[2] Left with no other alternatives, Shalnark attaches his spare antenna into himself and activates his Nen ability Autopilot mode; obliterating both Pell and Boki in a single charge attack.[3]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Pell's exoskeleton is thicker and harder than any armor, enough to dissuade a physically strong, skilled Nen user like Shalnark from trying to pierce it with his antenna at the first glance. He is also strong enough to keep him immobile after grabbing hold of him. Its arms are very sharp, and their length allows him to strike while preventing the enemy from getting too close. Due to their number, he can strike more times and from more angles than a human.


  • Chimera Ant arc


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