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2011 | Manga

Pike 2011





Japanese Voice

Masahiro Yamanaka

Manga Debut

Chapter 190

Anime Debut

Episode 80 (2011)


Male Male

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Previous Occupation

Chimera Ant Squad Officer




Love Shower 「Deluge D'Amour」
(ラヴシャワー 「愛の放射線」)

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Pike (パイク, Paiku) was a spider-like Chimera Ant officer in Zazan's squad.[1]


Pike looks like a giant spider, he has eight legs, four of which have human hands. He has the face of an old man with high cheek bones and white hair. He also has a marking that resembles a spider web on his forehead.


Pike is shown to be simple-minded and poor in tactics.[2] He loves being complimented by Zazan and is extremely loyal towards her.[1]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Pike attacks the NGL expedition team

Pike attacks the NGL expedition team

As Pokkle's remaining expedition group try and retreat Pike scales a wall towards them. Pokkle immediately tries to fire Red Arrow Hatsu at Pike, but he manages to easily catch it. Pike claims he can see the arrow shot at him clearly although the lesser Chimera Ants couldn't and deduces that Pokkle is a rare prey and would make a nutritious meal for the Chimera Ant Queen. Pike fires a sticky web at Pokkle who dodges the web, causes it to attach to his comrade Balda. Retracting his web, Pike then bites off a chunk of Balda's head, but regrets it after realizing he acted on his reflexes again and thinks his superior Zazan will be angry at him again. Enraged Pokkle retaliates by shooting two more Nen arrows at Pike, to which he catches both of them.[1]

So Pokkle strikes Pike with Enhanced punches, while an oblivious Pike can't counterattack. When Pokkle was about to shoot another arrow at point blank range at Pike, he's paralyzed after being stung and injected with a neurotoxin through Zazan's tail. Zazan appears before Pike and scolds him of his poor fighting technique how he should have simply dropped the arrows he held in order to counterattack the human. Pike realizes this does so and Zazan then praises Pike for his achievement for catching a rare prey. Pike becomes flush and follows Zazan back to the nest with Pokkle, thanking her for the compliment as he's not worthy of such praise.[1] When Hagya announces that all whom want to, should go independent and become their own kings after the birth of the King. Pike appears behind Zazan, along with various other Chimera Ants in favor of Hagya's proposal.[3]

Pike follows Zazan to Meteor City where she creates her own nest with the help of Pike's web and acts as it's new queen.[4] When the Phantom Troupe invade the nest intending to exterminate Zazan, Pike informs her of the situation. Intrigued by the Phantom Troupe's strength, Zazan orders Pike to go fight them as well. Although worried about Zazan's well being, Pike is assured of her safety and is complimented by her. Flush again, Pike goes off to deal with the invaders vowing to give it his all and he'll return soon. Pike soon encounters Shizuku and his sticky web attaches to her Hatsu Blinky. Pike compliments Shizuku's strength, but ponders where she hid her vacuum.[5] As Phinks decides which path he should take, the fight between Pike and Shizuku continues.[6]

Hunter X Hunter - 96 - Large 28-2-

Shizuku's Blinky caught in Pike's sticky web

As Shizuku continues to move on the defensive against Pike, he contemplates how she's able to summon Blinky and how she's able to freely dodge his web. Left with no other alternative, Pike uses a butt straining move Love Shower. Pike gloats that Shizuku has no chance of escape, because of the webs used against her throughout the fight. With Shizuku captured in the sticky webbed net, Pike details to her that attempting to escape is futile, as not even Bihorn could escape from the web. As Pike pulls web thinking he'll receive a reward from Zazan for his hard work, he notices the web has become lighter and is then struck 29 times all over his body, by Blinky. Baffled by Shizuku's escape; Pike tries to punch her, but misses. Observing how Shizuku was able to escape from his web by striping a layer of her clothes, proclaims that she won't be able to do a feat again. However Shizuku declares she's figured everything about Pike's fighting style and ability, so she won't approach him and declares herself and Blinky the winners.[7]

Pike's death

Pike being drained of all of his blood

Pike laughs hysterically at Shizuku's declaration mocks her for being foolish for running away from him. However Shizuku assures him, she simply won't approach him and not run away from him, which confuses Pike. Shizuku then commands Blinky to drain Pike's blood and does much to Pike's dismay who retaliates by shooting a web at Shizuku, but misses. As Pike looses conscious from the blood loss, he uses his limbs to try and cover up the wounded areas that were being drained, but this proved to be futile as his 8 limbs couldn't cover the 29 wounds around his body. Finally losing consciousness Pike faints backwards and shrivels up after his blood was completely drained from him.[2]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Pike like all Chimera Ants is stronger than normal humans. His great number of limbs (eight) allows him to keep his balance efficiently. They would allow him superiority over his opponent, if he were not clumsy to the point of being unable to coordinate himself. He can also adhere to most surfaces. Having the genes of a spider, he can produce a sticky web. He appears to be primarily a middle-range fighter. Despite his inanity, Pike had the upper hand for part of his confrontation with Shizuku, a Phantom Troupe member, forcing her on the defensive.

Enhanced Spider Webs: The main component of Pike's fighting style are the webs he shoots from his anus. These threads of web are both extremely sticky and durable, making it impossible to escape once entangled. They are also shot quite quickly. He can also use them out of combat, spreading them across a very large surface (he even covered both the interior and the exterior of a few palaces to build a palace for Zazan) and using them to detect hostile presences. He can also give an approximate esteem of his opponent's strength judging by the vibrations of the webs caused by their movements.

Enhanced Reflexes: Pike has quick reactions, shown when he caught two of Pokkle's fastest Nen arrows, despite them being fired at close range.[1]

Enhanced Durability: Pike's body is very sturdy. He took a beating by Pokkle with the Hunter strengthening his punches with aura and, despite not being able to use Nen, he was barely grazed. Even Shizuku, despite landing 29 blows of her vacuum cleaner, which could kill a Nen user in a single swing, caused him superficial injuries, which anyway led to his defeat.[2]

Nen Edit

Pike was born with the innate ability to see aura.

Pike's Nen Ability
Type: Unknown Love Shower (「愛の放射線」 (ラヴシャワー) Radiation of Love)
Pike love shower-1 Pike's special ability allows him to instantaneously shoot a whole thick and sticky web from his rear at once, completely immobilizing his target. The web strands are extremely durable and could not be broken even by Bihorn, the strongest of the Chimera ants in terms of physical strength, according to him.[7]


  • Pike was defeated and killed by Shizuku similarly was Karasu by Kurama in Yu Yu Hakusho, through a full blood drainage.


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