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Pirate Boxer
Pirate boxer
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Chapter 156

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Episode 83 (1999)
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The Pirate boxer is a death row convict. His sentence is changed to a life sentence in an unconventional prison - Greed Island - together with a dozen of other death row convicts.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit

Pirate boxer Vs Montreux

Pirate boxer about to fight Montreux

The boxer plays the game as if he were a simple bot under the command of Razor, but he has actually been a living human being. His event during the 14 Devil challenge is a boxing match in which one can use weapons. When the first group of 15 players comes to the Razor's gym to challenge them for the rare Patch of Shore (G.I card); the Pirate Boxer challenges the players with his obvious theme of boxing and Montreux volunteers to box him.[1] Razor acts as the referee and explains the rules to Montreux such as Nen can be used during the match, concerning Wong Li and Hanse, but the Pirate Boxer assures the two he'll only use his fists to fight.[2]

The match commences when Razor leaves the ring and immediately Montreux Emits a ball of energy with a Punch at the Boxer, who manages to dodge it. Montreux praises and speculates the boxer is a Emitter like him, but he's made the mistake of challenging stronger Nen user like him. Montreux then inflicts multiple jabs like a machine gun onto the Pirate Boxer, making him faint. Seeming that Montreux was the winner, he faints and as Razor gives the countdown the Pirate Boxer gets back up and wins the match as Montreux remained unconscious. Killua reveals to Kazsule, that the Pirate Boxer won with an Emitted uppercut to the chin.[2]

Pirate Boxer Being Beaten By Montreux

Pirate boxer losing against Barry

However, when Gon, Killua and Biscuit return to the lighthouse with an even better team, the Pirate Boxer is handily beaten by Barry; whom defeats him by boxing him in a corner.[3]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Like all the pirates working with Razor, he is a decently capable Nen user, able to single-handedly defeat amateur Hunters. Although he was easily bested by Barry in terms of boxing, he is still capable enough to knock out an opponent by hitting his chin, using his Nen ability to catch him off-guard even while he is being attacked. Only good fighters managed to catch a glimpse of his counterattack, suggesting that he can punch rather quickly.


The boxer is an Emitter. He can instantly create portals to warp his fists and catch his opponents off-guard. To enhance his Nen, he uses a special boxing ring whose canvas surface is painted with Nen-charged patterns called "Divine Script". However, Tsezguerra commented that he is not very skilled.

Pirate boxer's Nen Type: Emission

Type: Emission

Teleportation (テレポーテーション)
Pirate Boxer Teleportation The Pirate boxer aims his fist in any direction and creates a portal before the fist that could warp it to the desired location instantly upon punching through it, for example under the chin of his opponent. The maximum distance that the warping could reach is unknown, but it can probably be assumed that it is at least enough to cover a boxing ring.[2]


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