The Pirate footballer is a death row convict. His sentence is changed to a life sentence in an unconventional prison —Greed Island— together with a dozen of other death row convicts.[1]


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Greed Island arcEdit

He plays the game as if he were a simple bot under the command of Razor, but he actually is a living human being. His event during the "14 Devil challenge" is a football juggling contest in which one can attack the opponent with Nen while keeping the ball from touching the floor. When the first group of 15 players come to Razor's gym to challenge them for the rare card "Plot of Beach", the footballer gets an immediate win because Biscuit deliberately gives up.[1]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Like all the pirates working with Razor, he must be a decently capable Nen user, able to single-handedly defeat Greed Island Players.


  • Greed Island arc
    • Pirate Footballer vs. Biscuit Krueger (Juggling)[1]


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