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Preview market anime
Preview Market



Purebyū Ichiba

Location Statistics
Located In

Yorknew City

Controlled By


Manga Debut

Chapter 87

Anime Debut

Episode 57 (1999)

The Preview Market (プレビュー 市場, Purebyū Ichiba) is the market in Yorknew City where objects that could not be indexed in the official catalogs because of insufficient time are auctioned.[1]


Merchants come here to size up the items and decide the prices they will pay. It is the best place to let merchants know what one has to sell and when they will sell. However, it is full of traps,[2] and highly valuable items can end up being greatly undervalued,[1] as in the case of Gon and Killua's jewelry. The organizer of the market is Koneruto.[2]


The Preview Market isn't shown in the 2011 anime.


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