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Chapter 145

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Episode 79 (1999)
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Razor (レイザー, Reizā) is one of the game masters and creators of Greed Island.[1]


Razor G.I Design (2011 Anime)

Razor is a tall, extremely well built man with broad shoulders and large muscles spanning his entire body. When he was first encountered, he is seen to be wearing a clean, white T-shirt and red shorts, as well as a pair of green and yellow shoes. His hair is purple in color and is spiked up in a jagged fashion.

His 14 devils vary in size and shape, but a consistent factor seems to be their color pallet, which involves a plain, white body, and a blue head, which seems to be shaped in either a jester fashion, or a dome shape which has yellow balls protruding from it. The exception is the ref(number 0), which is completely blue with white hands and feet. All of the devils have their corresponding numbers imprinted on their chest which is in black(the exception being the ref yet again who has a white number).


Razor is generally laid back and friendly, showing little to no animosity toward other people, even those who have come to challenge him. However, when confronting someone or battling he is ruthless and competitive, but very reasonable. He does not take disobedience lightly and readily punishes those who break the rules. He does not openly look down upon people with weaker abilities than his, and takes no notice of disparities in age or experience when fighting. Razor treats Gon as an adult, not a child, and holds a lot of respect for him; he both admires and envies Gon for the trust that Ging places in him.


Ging & Razor In The Past

Razor talking to Ging

It was shown in his flashback that when he was a child, he was a victim of child abuse. People rarely called him by his name, instead calling him "you there," "you" and "that thing". When Ging called him by his name respectfully for the first time, he was touched and this further strengthened his respect and friendship with his former captor.[2]

Razor was a criminal in the past but was caught by Ging and given a life sentence. Ging then enlisted his help to create Greed Island. It was during this time that the two became friends and Ging told Razor about his son Gon.[2]


Greed Island arcEdit

Chibi Gon & Killua
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Razor expels The Phantom Troupe

Razor first appears to expel the Phantom Troupe after they attempt to enter the island illegally.[1] He is a key person to face in order to obtain one of the hardest designated cards of the game Patch of Shore. To get the card, the challengers must confront Razor and his 14 Devils and defeat them in different sporting events.[3] All of his pirates are trained Nen users.[4] It's learned that the real 14 Devils were not the pirates that follows him but his ability to emit 14 Nen creatures at will. Each creature is numbered from 1-14 with a Zero numbered one acting as referee for the dodge ball match;[5] he can also merge them together, which will make them stronger. He can also emit Nen into a ball[6] (or create a ball from Nen) and throw it at his opponent, which is extremely strong and could critically injure or kill his opponent on a direct hit.[1][6]

Game start

The dodge-ball match

He was defeated in a deadly dodgeball game[2] by Gon's allied party ーconsisting of Gon, Killua, Biscuit, Hisoka, Tsezguerra, Goreinu, and two Nen Beasts of Goreinu. He was entrusted by Gon's father that he was not to hold back against his son should he ever come to Greed Island.[5] Razor later revealed to Gon that he was formerly a convict captured by Ging and brought to the island as a prisoner. Inspired by Ging's spirit, Razor helped him create Greed Island and became the warden for the convicts. He also became one of Ging's best friends and was entrusted to look after the island as one of its Gamemasters.[2]

Equipment Edit

Eliminate: Like the other Game Masters of Greed Island, Razor is in possession of a special card that allows him to ban trespassers from the game and send them back to the "real world".

Abilities & PowersEdit

Razor destroys boat gif

Razor destroys a boat with his spike

Razor is a very powerful individual. His presence is enough to ensure the death convicts in his team follow the rules, despite all of them being Nen users. Although his abilities in an actual fight are unknown, even Phinks, who is the most powerful in terms of physical strength in the Phantom Troupe after the death of Uvogin, took note of his strength, and agreed to leave the island peacefully when presented with the Eliminate card. He is a skilled sportsman, his specialty being the game of dodgeball. A match against him is potentially lethal to most contenders, and the only member of Gon's group that came out of the match both physically and mentally unscathed was Biscuit, in spite of the group having won the game.

Razor strength

He easily catches a nen enhanced throw from Goreinu

Immense Strength: Razor seems to be very strong. He was able to stop a ball thrown by Goreinu and covered in aura with only one hand without using Nen.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Razor's ball travels at immense speed; when passing it among his Devils, he needs incredible reflexes, coordination and deftness of hands not to miss it.

Immense Stamina: In the dodgeball game against Gon's team, he used an immense quantity of aura continuously without ever breaking a sweat. Aside from the effort needed to produce his devils, one of his throws was said to rival Gon's own when enhanced with Jajanken, although not completely at full strength, and he performed a great number of them.

Enhanced Durability: After receiving a ball powered with Nen from Gon, he seemed to receive minimum damage from the impact. Furthermore, being hit in the face by Goreinu's sudden throw did not even stun him for an instant, although it did leave him a bruise.

Master Thrower: When Razor uses his nen emitted ball, he could accurately hit objects even from a distance. It was first shown when he spiked the ball to hit the boat used by the Phantom Troupe, and then in the dodgeball game, being able to perform feats such as throwing a dodgeball towards Killua, and having it curve midair to get Bisky out.

Masterful Dodgeball Player: Razor is a master in any aspect of this sport, be it throwing, passing or catching the ball, keeping his opponents under control, choosing who to eliminate. He seems to avoid dodging the ball, though, preferring to stop it.

Skilled Volleyball Player: Razor incorporates volleyball techniques in dodgeball as well as in his fighting style. He uses a spike to propel a Nen-enhanced ball or a sphere of aura with the power of a cannonball, and an underarm pass to lower the momentum of the ball launched by his opponent so he can catch it without harm.


Razor's aura

Razor's strong aura

Razor is an Emitter who has also demonstrated good skills in Enhancement and Manipulation. As a Game Master, Razor's aura was used to create the cards in the game. Since he is in charge of the Emission category, it can be inferred he was already a capable Nen users when the game was created. The mere display of his aura was enough to intimidate skilled Nen users. Aside from Ren, he has also consistently shown the ability to use Shu. When shrouded in his aura and combined with his physical strength, an ordinary volleyball can easily kill another Nen user. Killua, upon catching it after it bounced off the floor, commented it felt as heavy as a bowling ball. With Goreinu and Tsezguerra, the former was convinced he would die if hit by one of Razor's throws head-on, and despite the power being lowered by multiple passes, the latter Jackpot Hunter avoided lethal damage only by concentrating his aura in his back at the last moment before contact. One of Goreinu's Nen beasts had its head destroyed by a direct throw and subsequently crumbled to pieces, mirroring the image in the mind of its creator should he have been hit instead and causing him such shock that he was unable to summon the beast again during the match. The mutually beneficial effects of Shu, physical strength and skill are most evident in Razor's spike, which is so powerful it required the combined efforts of Gon, Killua and Hisoka as well as strategic positioning to be intercepted.

Razor's Nen Type: Emission
Type: Emission Nen Emitted Ball
Nen Emitted Ball Razor can Emit his aura in a red glowing sphere resembling a ball that can explode upon contact. When launched with a spike, it had the power to blow up a small boat. When simply thrown, it had the capability to completely destroy Bopobo's head, killing him instantly.

Type: Emission and Manipulation

14 Devils (14人の悪魔)
Razors 14 Devils Razor can create 8 anthropomorphic Nen beasts, numbered from 0 to 7, which he calls "Devils". In his dodgeball game, 7 of them act as his teammates and one as the referee. The passes the Devils can make are so fast even pro Hunters have a hard time following them, but the power of the throw is lowered at every pass. If two Devils fuse together, the numbers on their bodies add up, creating a bulkier monster. Although through this procedure the number of Nen beasts is reduced, the resulting Devil is physically stronger than any of the two which originated it: #13, the fusion of #6 and #7, had enough brawn to catch Hisoka's throw, something which no singular Devil was able to achieve on its own, as well as to prevent him from retrieving the ball from its grasp. One of its own throws knocked out Goreinu despite the ball not being infused with aura. However, not even #13 managed to stop a ball hurled by Gon with Jajanken. A side effect of the ability is that Razor is unable to draw out his full power while his aura is split among the Nen beasts.


  • Razor and his 14 devils could be a reference to the the place called Devil City in "Game Battler" - a game created by Amanuma in Yu Yu Hakusho. Similarly, Game Battler requires a specific number of players before you can challenge the Game Master.
  • Razor's Nen Emitted Ball is similar to Splinter Resshūken, a technique used by Yu Yu Hakusho character Shinobu Sensui.
  • According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix), Razor's stats are:
Story Arcs Spirit Skill Strength Nen Talent Intelligence
Greed Island arc 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5


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