Many real-life weapons have appeared in Hunter × Hunter. While conventional weapons are still a threat to people with weak aura or combat skills, they have been proven to be quite useless against strong Nen users or high level fighters. For example:

  1. Siper used a sniper rifle during the Hunter Exam to try to kill Illumi, but was easily noticed and disposed of.
  2. Kurapika could stop multiple bullets fired at him simultaneously from several pistols with his chain.[1]
  3. Uvogin of the Phantom Troupe slaughtered a large number of armed Mafia gangsters with bare hands. He could stop a pistol bullet fired at pointblank range with his teeth; sniper rifles failed to do any damage to him; and not even an anti-tank bazooka could give him a scratch.[2]
  4. Zeno Zoldyck stated that he could wipe out a hall full of armed Mafia gangsters in 6 or 7 seconds.[3]
  5. During the Yorknew City arc, the Phantom Troupe massacred nearly 2,000 fully-armed gangsters in a short time with ease.[4]
  6. During the Chimera Ant arc, Killua single-handedly defeated an army equipped with tanks.[5]
  7. Cheetu cut off the fingers of an armed police squad who surrounded and fired at him without getting hit even once.[6]
  8. Morel and Knov easily deal with an army armed with machine guns manipulated by Neferpitou.
  9. Cheetu also uses a crossbow made from his Nen.[7]


Mafia pistol
Mafia pistol
Sniper rifle
Cheetu Crossbow
Cheetu's crossbow
Shalnark Manipulation Nen
Shalnark manipulating a Mafioso with a machine gun
Pakunoda using a Magnum Revolver, to use with her Nen


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