Reflection (G.I Card) 1004
Card Info

Name (EN) Reflection
Name (JP) 反射
Name (JP)
Number #1004
Rank E
Transform 120
Class 1 Short Range Spell
Class 2 Defensive Spell
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Defensive Wall Magnetic Force

Reflection 反射 - is a spell card that can be found in the Greed Island game. It allows for a player to reflect a single spell cast upon them by a player you have previously met.

Card InfoEdit

Type: Spell Card G.I Spell Card - Border
Name: Reflection 反射


Number: #1004
Rank: E

Transformation: 120

Class Short Range Spell
Defensive Spell
G.I Spell - ShortRange
G.I Spell - Defence
Card Effect: Reflects an attack spell from a player (previously met).
How to Obtain: (unknown)


Reflection 反射 - This spell card allows for the user to rebound any spell card cast upon them, providing that they have previously met them. It will not only protect you from the spell, but reflect it back at the caster. This card needs to be used before the you are hit with a spell card. Otherwise it will protect you against the next spell that is cast on you. This card has no effect on spells currently attached to you.

Card DescriptionEdit

[Jap] No.1004 :: 反射


[Eng] No.1004 :: Reflection

Repels the attack from anohter player and returns the affect to the opponent.

Card FormsEdit