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Japanese Voice

Rie Murakawa

Manga Debut

Chapter 187

Anime Debut

Episode 77 (2011)


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Haruna (mother)
Kurt (brother)
Shidore (reincarnation)
Colt (Kurt's reincarnation)

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Reina (レイナ, Reina) was a five year old girl who lives with her mother and older brother in NGL.[1]


Reina is a little girl with maroon hair that is tied with a yellow bow. She is seen wearing a red vest over a long sleeved shirt.


Reina was very happy living with her mother and brother. She was very proud to have a protective brother like Kurt and wanted to marry him when they got older.


Chimera Ant arc

Reina first appears in a journal monologue done by her older brother Kurt. Kurt mentions that he and Reina go up into the mountains to pick some fruits. On their way there Reina spots a snake and becomes scared and starts to cry. So Kurt picked up a stick and fended off the snake. It's also mentioned that Reina is only 5 years old and Kurt being 4 years older than her, he takes it upon himself to protect her. Kurt also is told by others that Reina is very reliant as much as she can on him and feels embarrassed when she thanks him so much. Kurt also mentions that when Reina grows up she wants to marry Kurt, but that's impossible because they're siblings, thus Kurt has promised himself he'll protect Reina from harm, until she finds a worthy man that she likes more than him. Apparently one day when the two children go fishing by the riverside and catch and then cook some fish for their mother to give her a surprise, when they're confronted by a giant crab like chimera ant.[1]

Kurt and Reina attacked

Kurt and his sister, Reina, getting attacked by a Chimera Ant

The journal monologue ends and as the crab draws closer to the two children, Reina quivers as Kurt assures his little sister that he'll protect her. While wielding a stick, he tells Reina to run and yells at the monster to not come any closer and to get away, but the monster off screen kills the children and brings their remains to the Chimera Ant Queen, making them the first humans the Queen devours.[1] Both Kurt and Reina are later reborn as Colt[2] and Shidore[3] and the desire to protect Reina was so strong that it was passed onto Colt and it has a great influence on Colt's mentality.[4] Reina and her big brother Kurt briefly appear again in a flashback with their mother Haruna.[5]


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