The Remote Control Rat (リモコンラット, Rimokon Ratto) is a Greed Island monster that lives in the Greed Island Badlands and also can be found all over the island.[1]


It is a timid rodent that manipulates objects using Nen to scare away predators while hiding, it faints when it is seen.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit

When Gon and Killua are in the hills fighting monsters when they encounter what seems to be a knight in an armor. Biscuit, who happens to be following them, tells them to use Gyo. This is the first time that Biscuit helps the two of them, as she is frustrated with the waste of their potential. When they follow her instruction, they find out that the armor is just an object manipulated by the rat. Upon being seen by Killua, it then faints and they gain the card.[1]


Remote rat

"Remote Control Rat" or "Radio Rat" card (1999 version)

This is an H-rank card with a 800-card limit and a designated number of 711. This card can be obtained once the rat is found.[1]

Abilities & PowersEdit

These rats can control objects from a distance to attack enemies while they stay hidden. If found, they will turn into cards.[1]


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