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Aya Hirano

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Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge


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Omokage (Brother)

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Retz (レツ, Retsu) was a traveling puppeteer and the younger sister of Omokage.

Appearance Edit

Retz has long blonde hair and turquoise eyes. When she was disguised as a boy, her hair seemed significantly shorter, hiding it in a light-blue skull cap. She also wore light-blue overalls, blue gloves, and yellow sneakers. Later in the movie, Retz wore a red and black Gothic-lolita dress, and a red ribbon on her head. She also wore black stockings and gray shoes.


Phantom Rouge Edit

Chibi Gon & Killua
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While performing with her puppet in the streets, Retz meets Gon, and the two soon become friends. Gon asks Retz for help in locating the place where the person who stole Kurapika's eyes might be hiding at. When Gon introduces her to Killua; Killua is instantly jealous of the quick bond Gon and her had already formed. Gon soon realizes that Retz's eyes are not her own, but most likely Omokage's, thus he is using Retz to lead them into a trap. It is later revealed that Retz is actually just a puppet herself, created by Omokage in the image and mind of his little sister.

Retz's last stand

Retz's last stand

She constantly wonders what "true life" really is, for she is only a doll. She kills Omokage with Soul Doll Chrollo's Ben's knife in order to return to the place the two truly belonged -- in memories. Before her death, Retz thanks Gon and Killua for showing her a glimpse of what it means to truly live.

Abilities & PowersEdit

It is shown that she can move her puppet without any strings attached. Given that she possessed Soul Doll ability, as she create a doll based on Illumi Zoldyck with her puppet, it is likely that she is a Specialist as her brother.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Retz was a girl, she dressed like a boy to hide her gender. 
  • It is hinted that she harbors feelings towards Gon. When Omokage cynically asks her whether she is in love with Gon or not, she remains silent.
  • Given that she herself is a puppet, it is safe to say that instead of deceased, she simply ceased to be.
  • Her name is most likely taken from a real-life town known likewise as Retz located in the Hollabrunn district of Austria. This is especially the case since she was first introduced as a character in a remotely similar town in the Totoria district.