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Rihan (リハン, Rihan)[1] is a high-ranking soldier in the Royal Army of the Kakin Empire, and one of the personal soldiers of Prince Benjamin.[2] He is now among Prince Salé-salé's bodyguards under orders from Prince Benjamin.[1]


Rihan wears the standard Kakin military attire of zipper jacket, pants, and dark combat boots. He wears an earpiece in his left ear.


Rihan is a very perceptive individual. He can deduce the nature and ability of someone's Guardian Spirit Beast by simply being around it, despite the short amount of time. He is quite confident in his ability to counteract against Prince Salé-salé's Guardian Beast.[1]


As one of the First Prince's soldiers, Rihan graduated from Kakin's Royal Military Academy and became a part of his army.[3]


Succession Contest arcEdit

Rihan is among the other thirteen soldiers working under Prince Benjamin that is present during Balsamilco's explanation before the journey's start.[4]

Chap 374 - Rihan and Coloabude

Rihan during his shift

Later, Prince Benjamin orders his fourteen soldiers to both act as bodyguards and spies to all the other princes, and to report any information regarding the Princes' Guardian Spirit Beasts and the Hunters' abilities. Rihan becomes the Eighth Prince Salé-salé's bodyguard.[2]

On the second day of the voyage, Rihan is seen in the Eighth Prince's bedroom as Salé-salé secretly hints to two women what he intends to do at the banquet.[5] In the course of his 16-hour shift, he also analyzes the abilities of the prince's Guardian Spirit Beast, determining that when his fellow bodyguard will be affected, he will have enough information to activate Predator. He estimates that if his ability can neutralize a Guardian Spirit Beast, he will be of great use to Prince Benjamin.[1]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Rihan has received military training.[2] He has proven himself to be very observant and analytical.[1]


Rihan is a Nen user, although his superior Balsamilco Might believes him to be less skilled than Hunters in that regard.[6] He has at least the ability to use Hatsu. He appears to be profoundly knowledgeable about Manipulation Nen as well as Nen beasts.[1]

Rihan's Nen Abilities
Type: Conjuration Predator (異邦人(プレデター) Stranger)
Chap 374 - Rihan Predator Once Rihan identifies a target and activates his Hatsu, a Predator begins to grow inside his body. The more accurate his understanding of the target's ability, the better the Predator will be able to counter it, figuratively developing into its natural predator. Since it draws strength from the accuracy of Rihan's analysis from a state of complete ignorance, Predator is powerless against simple Enhancement and Emission attacks.[1]


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