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Sakata (サカタ, Sakata) is a Royal Bodyguard for Prince Woble, formally Prince Zhang Lei's.[1]


Like the other bodyguards, he wears a black suit and a tie.[1]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

After Prince Zhang Lei's meeting with Kurapika, Queen Oito and Prince Woble; Sakata and Hashito are ordered by their Prince, to be Prince Woble's bodyguards until the next banquet. Slakka under orders by Queen Unma Hui Guo Rou follows the two reluctantly, while expressing his displeasure of being fired if he fails his mission.[1]

Upon returning back in Woble's quarters, Kurapika informs Bill about Sakata and Hashito, that they're there to help assist with their mission. While Slakka talks with Babimyna to keep an eye out on Sakata, while he takes care of Hashito.[1]

Sakata and Slakka both watch and Queen Oito, Bill, Kurapika, and Shimano look for something. Slakka quietly asks Sakata what does he think they're doing, Sakata believes their search is related to Nen and they maybe trying to hide something in the process. Right after Maor Tubeppa's Captain of her bodyguards arrives and everyone is brought into guards waiting room, Sakata along with everyone else listens to Kurapika's explanation about the Nen Beasts and watches as Bill seemingly uses his Nen ability to control a cockroach that was in the room. Kurapika then proposes that he'll teach everyone how to use Nen, with the condition that that he'll also give the same proposal to the other Princes and it's their choice whether they choose to participate in it or not.[2]

With the news of the death of Prince Momoze being learnt, Sakata approaches Kurapika and asks him why her Nen Beast didn't protect her. Kurapika surmises that because she ran out of energy the Nen Beast couldn't make a move to protect her, which Sakata agrees with. The bodyguards all gather in Queen Oito's room where Babimyna questions Queen Oito's outburst earlier, but she brushes it off feeling awful for the death of Prince Momoze and requests to be left alone. Babimyna then orders Sakata to follow him out of the room and to leave Kurapika as the Queen wouldn't feel at ease with their presence.[3]


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