Sakisuke Njiji (サキスケ=ンジジ, Sakisuke Njiji) is a Greed Island player.[1]


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Not much is known about Sakisuke's personality, but Goreinu thinks that he's greedy.[2]


Greed Island arcEdit

Sakisuke was hired by Battera on the same day as Gon and Killua.[1] Goreinu rates him quite highly in terms of combat ability, but also details that he can be quite greedy. As of Chapter 158 Sakisuke is still alive in the Greed Island game.[2]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Goreinu believes Sakisuke to be a powerful fighter, albeit not as much as himself.[2]


Due to being able to access Greed Island, he is confirmed to be able to utilize Nen,[3] and is presumably moderately skilled at it, since he was approved by Tsezguerra.[1]


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