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Salé-salé Hui Guo Rou



Saresare Hoikōro

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Kakin Empire


8th Prince of the Kakin Empire


Nasubi Hui Guo Rou (Father)
Swinko-swinko Hui Guo Rou (Mother)
Benjamin Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Camilla Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)
Zhang Lei Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Tubeppa Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)
Tyson Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)
Luzurus Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Halkenburg Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Kacho Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)
Fugetsu Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)
Momoze Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)
Marayam Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Woble Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)

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Salé-salé Hui Guo Rou (サレサレ=ホイコーロ, Saresare Hoikōro) is the Eighth Prince of the Kakin Empire and the son of his father's fifth wife, Swinko-swinko.[1]

Appearance Edit

Salé-salé is a fat man with a plump face. His hair is fair, short at the sides of his head, and longer in the middle.[1]



Salé-salé with women

Salé-salé is a womanizer [1] and is often seen surrounded by naked or half-naked young women. Salé-salé's quality as a debauchee as well as a glutton is proven when he proudly disregards the succession war in the Black Whale, preferring to enjoy himself in an extravagant party with several women in bikinis as he sits naked and several unfinished foods such as pizzas litter the floor of his quarter.[2]

Despite that, he is able to socialize as he is seen amiably talking with two female guests at the formal party.[3] He is also a schemer.[4]


Succession Contest arcEdit

Salé-salé participates in the ceremony on the eve of the beginning of the expedition waving at the cheering crowd.[3] He chooses not to bother himself with the Succession War with other Princes and throws a party with several women instead, while his Guardian Spirit Beast hovers above him.[2] The next day after the extravagant party Salé-salé holds, he gets scolded in his room by his Mother Queen Swinko-swinko for dishonoring the Swinko-swinko family name by not taking the whole Succession War seriously. He however assures her that on the day of the next dinner banquet, "the world will change".[4]

Salé-salé agrees to send his bodyguards to learn Nen under Kurapika.[5] He sends the Captain of his Mother's bodyguards Mushaho, who thinks the Prince is glad he's gone for the time being.[6]

Abilities & Powers Edit

As a Prince of Kakin, Salé-salé holds significant political power and wealth, although not on the level of the elder princes.[7]


Salesale's Sacred Beast

Salé-salé's Guardian Spirit Beast

Like the rest of his siblings, Salé-salé received an egg from which a Guardian Spirit Beast, a variety of Nen beast, has hatched to protect him.[1] As a parasitic-type ability, he has no control over it. Salé-salé himself is unaware of its existence. The Guardian Spirit Beast is subjected to two rule-like instincts: it is unable to fight other Guardian Spirit Beasts as well as to directly attack the host of one. The exact nature of its abilities is unknown, but it is capable of floating and emitting some sort of gas and spores from its mouths.[2]


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