"Thanks to everyone who voted for me. But please spare me... I can't take this. I'll stick to my job."

— Sanbica Norton in "Spy"

Sanbica Norton (サンビカ=ノートン, Sanbika Nōton) is a Single-Star Virus Hunter and the lead doctor in the Hunter Association.[1]

Appearance Edit

Little is known of Sanbica's appearance, as she is always seen wearing a very concealing medical gown, including gloves and a surgical mask. She seems to be short of stature, with big, dark eyes.[1]


Sanbica is timid and insecure, to the point she stammers when speaking. Although she did not wish to become chairman, due to her hating being in the spotlight, she still thanked her supporters for their votes.[2] It is very likely that, despite her lack of self-confidence, she is excellent in her field of competence.


13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

141 - Sanbica in 11th place

Sanbica places in 11th place

Sanbica and Cutie Beauty tie in 11th place in the First Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman.[3] Then in the Second Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman she ties 8th place with Cutie Beauty, Teradein Neutral, and Bushidora Ambitious.[4] In the Third Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman she ties 9th place with Bushidora.[5] In the Fourth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman Sanbica places in 11th place[6] and makes her actual appearance during a video presentation for the 16 candidates for chairman, presented by Beans and it's stated that she was quite bewildered by it all and doesn't want anymore people to vote for her.[1] However in the Fifth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman she fails to make it to the top 8 candidates and as a losing speech thanks everyone who voted for her.[2]

Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Gel states during a meeting with the Zodiacs, that Sanbica and her will be drafting a communicable disease countermeasure manual.[7]

Succession Contest arcEdit

First-class cabin

Sanbica in a meeting involving the Dark Continent

When the Black Whale finally departs, Sanbica attends a meeting with Gel, Cluck, Ginta, Tokarine, and another Hunter.[8]

Abilities & PowersEdit

As a Single Star Virus Hunter, Sanbica is extremely competent in the medicine. Her knowledge apparently spreads to poisons as well as diseases, as one of the Zodiacs, the Poison Hunter Gel, enlisted her to help write a manual in preparation for the voyage to the Dark Continent.[7] As a pro Hunter, Sanbica knows how to use Nen.


  • "Sanbika", when written with the kanji 賛美歌, means "hymn, psalm, hymnal, hymnbook".
  • Her last name, Norton, may be a reference to the well-known antivirus software program Norton AntiVirus.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
China Flag Chinese 桑比卡•諾頓
France Flag French Sanbika Norton


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