Sandra (サンドラ, Sandora)[1] was one of Queen Oito's maids during their voyage in the Black Whale to the Dark Continent.[2]


Sandra had fair hair cropped in a bob cut. She dressed in a standard maid's robe.


Succession Contest arcEdit

When Kurapika discovers four more dead bodyguards, he asks Sandra and another staff member what had happened. They confess they don't know anything as they were preoccupied with their own responsibilities at the time. In order to take the initiative, Kurapika pulls out a pistol, while summoning his Dowsing Chain. And begins to interrogate the staff and remaining bodyguards.[2]

He first questions Sandra and the other staff members about if they had any knowledge about the succession battle. Sandra quickly claims she doesn't know anything about it. Later after the parasitic Guardian Spirit Beasts had infested Queen Oito's room, one of the staff members cries for help which leads Kurapika to run to their side of the room, and witness the restrained bodyguards and Kurton lying dead. Sandra informs Kurapika that Sayird grabbed a knife and stabbed Kurton and the two bodyguards to death.[3]

Sandra and Shimano were the only two maids who decided to stay with Queen Oito after the Kakin Army had taken Sayird into custody.[3]

Vincent Kills Sandra

Vincent kills Sandra

Later, when the bodyguard Vincent rings the bell to Prince Woble's room, Sandra opens the door and as soon as he enters the room, Vincent kills Sandra claiming she tried to attack him with a knife and had a small vial of poison on her person. In his defense, Vincent claims he was merely exercising his right to defend himself.[4] As Sandra faints and dies, Vincent pulls out a pistol to defend himself against Kurapika.[1]


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