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Sayird (サイールド, Saīrudo) is a Hunter assigned to the fourteenth prince of the Kakin Empire, Woble Hui Guo Rou, and her mother as bodyguard.[1]


Sayird is a man with medium-length fair hair and a thin mustache that reaches to his chin. Like the other bodyguards, he wears a black suit and a tie.[1]


Sayrid along with Bill and Kurton all at one point in time in their lives took and passed the Hunter Exam and applied on the official Kakin Empire Website to be a Bodyguard for Prince Woble, but never met with Queen Oito Hui Guo Rou to be informed about the Succession War.[1]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Sayird boards the Black Whale with Queen Oito, her daughter and his colleagues.[2] After Woody is found dead in the toilet, he does not say anything when Kurapika mentions Nen to the other bodyguards, and later asks him why he talked about it. When more bodyguards are found dead, Kurapika points a gun at him and the other while interrogating them with the Dowsing Chain.[1] When interrogated by Kurapika if he'd known about the succession war, Sayird truthfully replies that he did not know anything.[3]

Sayird winces when he sees the Nen beasts of the princes coming into the room, and asks the restrained bodyguards, who were found out to be spies, if they can see them. One of the Nen beasts asks him if he is free, and Sayird, after making sure it was talking to him, though confused replies that he's busy. The Nen beasts leave the room after a short while, but a miniaturized version of the one that talked to him sits on his shoulder, asking him to tell it when he is free, while the other Nen users are shown to be unable to see it. A few minutes later, he suddenly pulls out a knife and stabs Kurton and the two restrained bodyguards, saying he was "asked to" because he's "free". With an incoherent speech pattern and completely out-of-character actions, it is clear that Sayird is under the influence of someone or something else. The manipulated Sayird turns towards the remaining bodyguards and proceeds to charge at them, Kurapika states that he wants to capture him alive, and prepares to take him on.[3]

Sayird is easily subdued by Kurapika, who absorbs his aura, forces him into a state akin to Zetsu and steals his Hatsu ability with his index finger chain. Unable to feed off Sayird's aura, the Nen beast that possessed him leaves his body, causing him to regain control of himself. Sayird is then restrained and taken into custody by Kakin's army, but not before he explains to Kurapika his Hatsu in greater detail.[4]

Abilities & Powers Edit

As a Hunter, Sayird has all the benefits granted by his status. While controlled by Momoze's Sacred Beast, he was easily subdued by Kurapika.[4]

Nen Edit

Sayird is an Emitter with a penchant for Manipulation.[4] He may also have conjured the knife he used to stab the other bodyguards, as an attendant claimed he had pulled it "out of nowhere".[3] Sayird is currently unable to use Nen due to Kurapika's index finger chain.[4]

Sayird's Nen Type: Emission
Type: Emission and Manipulation[4] Little Eye (裏窓 (リトルアイ) Rear Window)
No image Sayird launches an aura ball at a bug or any other small living being, capturing and gaining control over it. The largest creature he can manipulate is about the size of a hamster. Sayird gains knowledge of anything the manipulated animal sees or hears. For this reason, the ability is particularly useful when utilized on flies or mosquitoes, but since they have many natural enemies, they often die while under the effect of the ability. Faster animals may be hard to catch. The ability cannot be used on living beings conjured via aura. Sayird is currently unable to use it, since it was stolen by Kurapika.[4]


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