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Seirin group

Silhouette of the Members of the Seirin Group.

The Pure Paladin Squad (せいりん, Seirin) was a team of versatile Hunters that the late Chairman Isaac Netero once belonged to.[1] The members were so skilled that they are considered by other Hunters as legendary. It is unknown if they had any particular benefit aside from prestige. The group was disbanded under unknown circumstances.

Teradein Neutral, Bushidora Ambitious, and Loupe Highland made an attempt to reform the Seirin Group during the 13th Hunter chairman election, until Bushidora and Teradein were killed by Hisoka. And before Teradein was killed by Hisoka, he tried to convince Morel Mackernasey to join the group. Morel refused and during an announcement refuting what Teradein said during a previous announcement told them that they are too weak to even claim the name of the group.

Original Members


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