Sengi Guild
Also Known As

The Agency

Controlled by

Hunter Association


Hunter Association agent

Manga Debut

Chapter 51

Anime Debut

Episode 48 (1999)
Episode 39 (2011)

The Sengi Guild is an underground Hunter Association agency in a very poor looking slum. It is very well hidden from the public and is occupied by a Hunter Association agent. This is where Kurapika and eventually Melody go to earn jobs for Light Nostrade.[1]


Yorknew City arcEdit

Kurapika goes here in order to look for a job, only to be turned down by the Hunter Association agent stationed there. She tells Kurapika that the Hunter Exam isn't over yet and since he can't see what she's trying to "show him", he is told to return when he "learns to see."[2]

After learning Nen from fellow Hunter Izunavi, the agent congratulates Kurapika for passing and allows Kurapika to get a job from her. Kurapika gets a job from the Nostrade Family.[1]


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