Sevanti Hui Guo Rou (セヴァンチ=ホイコーロ, Sevanchi Hoikōro) is the Seventh Queen of the Kakin Empire and seventh wife of King Nasubi. She gave birth to one son, Marayam, and one daughter, Momoze.[1]


Sevanti is a young woman with an elaborate hairstyle, with two locks crossing on her forehead and framing her face.[2]


Despite being a mother to two Kakin princes, Sevanti only cares for the well-being of her youngest child, the Prince Marayam. She keeps ensuring that her son is safe and comfortable, while not feeling scared by the presence of his many guards. She also takes her daughter Momoze's guards, leaving her only with the guards sent by other queens, claiming that Marayam's safety was more important in her daughter's presence.[3]


Succession Contest arcEdit

The day of departure, Sevanti participates in the dinner banquet, smiling at the onlookers.[2]

Later, while in the Prince Residential Area, Sevanti tells the guards that her son's safety is more important than Momoze's, thereby transferring most of Momoze's guards to Marayam. She asks Momoze if she can look after herself, and the Prince Momoze assures her mother she can take care of herself.[3]

Chap 366 - Marayam Nen beast

Marayam's Guardian Spirit Beast behind Sevanti

Sevanti enjoys a meal with her son and helps him finish the food off his plate, while oblivious to the large Guardian Spirit Beast behind them.[4] Later, Queen Oito spies on Queen Sevanti and her son, using her borrowed Nen ability.[5]

After the unexpected death of her daughter, Sevanti pleads the case to King Nasubi, blaming Momoze's six bodyguards for conspiring her death.[6] She later sends Belerainte and Barrigen to attend Kurapika's Nen lesson the next day. She orders the guards to learn Nen effectively and report back to her.[7]

Sevanti's Royal GuardsEdit

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Royal Family
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Sevanti Hui Guo Rou
Queen Sevanti's Royal Guards
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(*) Information in Togashi's notes from Jump Ryu! Vol 21 interview.
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  • Every queen of Kakin has numerical theme on their names which corresponds to their marital status. "Sevan" is from number "seven" in English.


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