"But the big difference is who I work for. I'd rather die than be a yes-man to someone I don't even like."

— Shalnark to Boki in "10: Part 5"
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Japanese Voice

Yasuhiro Takato (1999)
Noriko Hidaka (2011)

English Voice

Jordan Schartner (1999)
Griffin Burns (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 71

Anime Debut

Episode 51 (1999)
Episode 41 (2011)


Male Male


180 cm (5'11")


72 kg (159 lbs)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Light Brown (manga, 1999)
Light Blonde (2011)

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Previous Affiliation

Phantom Troupe

Previous Occupation

Phantom Troupe member #6




Black Voice

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Shalnark (シャルナーク, Sharunāku) was a member of the Phantom Troupe, an infamous gang of thieves with class A bounties.[1] He was Troupe member #6 or #9 (the other one is Pakunoda), and his physical strength ranked tenth in the group.[2] He was also a licensed Hunter.[3]


2011 | 1999 | Manga

Genei shal

Shalnark's design

Shalnark had blond hair, bright green eyes, and wore a lavender outfit. In Nippon Animation's adaptation, Shalnark had brown hair, and his outfit was dark red. Shalnark's spider tattoo has yet to be revealed.


Shalnark was highly intelligent and thinks quickly on his feet. He was fond of electronics, and considered those he controlled with his phone to be toys. He expressed a dislike for his autopilot mode, not just because he cannot remember his actions in that mode, but also he cannot feel satisfaction for what he did while in autopilot.[4]

In the 1999 adaptation, of all of the Phantom Troupe, he seemed the most well-adjusted. In the manga, however, he was almost never shown not smiling, with notable exceptions of pouting when one of his "toys" (controlled victims) gets "broken" (dies), scowling when people handle electronics carelessly, and looked highly unsettled when walking in on Feitan reading a book by Trevor Brown next to a bloody corpse.

Shal (26)

Shalnark kills with a smile

While Shalnark got along with everyone in the group, he did not seem to become close to anyone, possible exceptions being Uvogin, Chrollo, and Pakunoda, and even then only to an extent. He seemed to care more about practicality and analytical details than sentiments, as seen when the other Troupe members were discussing Uvogin and Nobunaga's friendship, and he steered them back to the job at hand, saying that there was no time for reminiscing. After Chrollo was captured, Shalnark sided with Feitan and Phinks in wanting to go after Pakunoda in order to kill the chain user, even at the risk of Chrollo's life. After Pakunoda's death, he and the other members could be seen in mourning, Shalnark seemed more interested in the game console that Feitan and Phinks brought to the base, and then spent the next few days researching everything about Greed Island.

He did not seem to put too much value on his own life either, as shown by his totally nonchalant reaction when Shizuku's fortune foretold that he might be one of the Troupe's dead members during the Yorknew Arc. Despite looking like the most innocent and cheerful member, it was possible that Shalnark was one of the more cold-hearted and less empathetic of the group, seeing his controlled victims as nothing more than "toys" who get "broken" when they were killed. He also appeared to be one of the only ones to smile while killing, along with Hisoka and Uvogin. The above traits may explain, why he seemed to be in harmony with the other brutal members of the group, such as Feitan and Phinks, despite their marked difference in personalities.

Nonetheless, Shalnark proved to be a very loyal member of the Troupe, using all in his power and resources to help the group's missions and agenda. He seemed to value Shizuku and Pakunoda's lives over his own, as he saw their abilities as rare assets that the Troupe cannot afford to lose. He was polite and level-headed, often attempting to be a voice of reason to settle down the other members during tense situations. Later on, it was shown that he can be shocked from his usual calmness when Hisoka threw Kortopi's head at Shalnark, allowing the magician to land a fatal blow on him.


Young Phantom Troupe

Shalnark prior to the Kurta clan massacre

Not much was known about Shalnark's past except that he was already a member of the Phantom Troupe prior to the massacre of the Kurta Clan. At one point in his life, he took the Hunter Exam and became a licensed Hunter.[3]


Yorknew City arcEdit

Chibi Gon and Killua
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Shal (1)

Shalnark first appearance with Phinks

Shalnark first appeared during their mission in Yorknew City.[5] As he was one of the first to the meeting place of the Phantom Troupe, it was suspected that he and Phinks were the ones to travel with Chrollo, as the leader never travels alone.[6] As he and the other members left the auction's place, they were ambushed by the mafia. Uvogin fought on his own, and Shalnark brought out cards, (which, in both animes, he did not seem to be good at), and left Uvogin to kill the rest as the other member watched and played.[7]

Shalnark helping Uvo

Shalnark helping Uvo

He was the one to tell Uvogin about the leeches inside of him, and that he should urinate often while drinking lots of beer.[8] But as soon as Uvogin was captured by the Chain Guy, the members tracked down the guards of Neon Nostrade, who had Uvogin. Shalnark drove the car, stolen from the Mafia, but was told by Feitan to stand and watch when the Shadow Beasts arrived to kill them.[9] He, along with the others, disguised themselves as Mafia heads, gaining access to Uvogin and freeing him.[10] Shalnark accompanied and provided Uvogin the information about the Nostrade Family and bodyguards as the chain-user might be one of them.[3]

Shalnark Manipulation Nen

Shalnark killing the mafia bodyguards

As Chrollo gave orders to go berserk in the city,[11] Shalnark killed several Mafia guards bare handed[12] and stuck some of his antennas on others. When one of his victims was killed in battle, he appeared to be pouting about having to find another machine, showing his feelings towards those who weren't part of the Troupe.[13] Kortopi created fakes corpses, one of them for Shalnark, into making the Mafia believe he was killed.[14]


Shalnark's fortune

Soon after, Chrollo informed everyone their fortune, including Shalnark's which indicated he will die weeks after Shizuku,[15] when "The Death-Bringer" shall call him one in three times he answers his phone. The leader gave him orders to stay in their hideout while others go chase the Chain Guy.[16] He arrived soon after Chrollo was kidnapped, and went with the rest of the team to decide what to do.[17] When the troupe was fighting over what to do, Franklin asked Shalnark what the worst case scenario would be, showing the Troupe's trust in his judgment.[18]

Shal (49)

Shalnark gets shot by Pakunoda's memory bullet

When Pakunoda shot her memories into the original members, she chose Shalnark as one of them.[19] After Pakunoda's death and realizing what Kurapika did, he deduced Chrollo's prophecy from Neon and formed of a conclusion that their leader might be in Greed Island.

Greed Island arcEdit

Shalnark In GI

Shalnark in Greed Island.

After Feitan and Phinks's departure to Greed Island, he asked Kortopi and Shizuku's help for a special mission.[20] The three left soon into the game and started studying the game's system. As soon as Shalnark saw that Shizuku's Blinky couldn't inhalate special items in the game, nor Kortopi cannot copy them either, he realized that they were made from Nen. On the other side, both abilities would work just fine in common inanimate items.[21]

Shal (60)

Shalnark deduces Greed Island's location

Knowing this, he informed the rest of the Phantom Troupe that Greed Island was in fact a real place somewhere in the world, a secret that only few people know, and they should go find their leader and an exorcist. They all parted to find the place, but soon as they arrive illegally to Greed island, Razor quickly used the Eliminate (G.I card) and sent them off the island.[22]

Chimera Ant arcEdit

The Phantom Troupe arrive at Meteor City

The Phantom troupe arrive at Meteor City

After a stray Chimera Ant named Zazan takes over a palace in Meteor City, Shalnark appears with some other members of the Phantom Troupe in order to eradicate the threat to their hometown.[23] They go separate ways and soon he finds himself fighting Pell.[24]

Shalnark vs Pel & Boki

Shalnark battling Boki and Pell

At first he was fighting a giant Chimera Ant like Beetle which proves to be a difficult opponent since thanks to his hardened skin, he couldn't put one of his antennas in his body. He deduces a way to do it and sticks one right into his articulation's right arm, near the neck. Confident in his win and control, he let his guard down but is caught by the beetle and couldn't move but his fingers and left leg. Shalnark realizes that this ant was already being controlled and Boki appears[25] and tries to subvert Shalnark to their side. He explains, grinning all the while, that he likes Chrollo and working for him, and he that he doesn't much like the ants, and he would rather die than work for someone he doesn't like.[4]

Autopilot Shalnark

Shalnark in Autopilot mode

He puts one of his antennas into his leg entering Autopilot, and in a second, quickly frees himself and destroys the two Chimera Ants without problems.He starts suffering the pain from entering that mode and says he doesn't like to do it since he doesn't realize anything he did and neither enjoys it, but also ends up with muscular pain.[4] He later arrives at Feitan's fight against Zazan and amuses himself talking to the other members present at the battle.[26] After the battle, he receives a call from Nobunaga, asking for help with what is suspected to be more Chimera Ants, and is chased by Phinks for teasing his impatience on Chrollo's return, along with Feitan, despite their injuries.[27]

Succession Contest Arc Edit

Chapter 357 - Page 19

Shalnark's corpse with Kortopi's severed head

Chrollo uses Black Voice in his fight against Hisoka, implying Shalnark has met him at some point after Zazan's defeat.[28] Some time later after meeting with Machi and Kortopi, Shalnark confirms Hisoka's death at the Heaven's Arena. Unbeknownst to Shalnark or Kortopi, Hisoka revives himself and starts hunting the Phantom Troupe. Shalnark has a phone conversation with Chrollo, where they discuss about the prospect of going to the New Continent with the Kakin Empire, although their real intention is stealing the valuable items from the Royal Princes. Chrollo asks whether Shalnark needed his ability back, to which the latter replies that he currently does not need it. After hanging up the phone, Shalnark looks happy that the troupe will be gathered again after a long time. He then ponders what is taking Kortopi so long. He receives a phone call, but sees Hisoka walk out from the public toilet. Shocked at this, Shalnark drops the ringing phone and runs towards Hisoka, but the magician disappears from his sight and throws something at him, which Shalnark recognizes as Kortopi's head. While he is distracted, Hisoka delivers an extremely powerful strike to his head, killing Shalnark. Shalnark's heavily mangled body is later seen sitting on the park swing, both of his hands tangled on its rope, and Kortopi's head lying on the ground in front of him, with crows gathering around their corpses.[29]


Antennae: Shalnark always carries two antennae on his person. They are shaped after bats, with wide, cyclamen wings and a stylized bat head of the same color at the top. The tip is sharpened to allow him to stick the antenna into a target. They serve as the medium of both his Hatsu abilities and are connected to his cellphone.[4]

Cellphone: Shalnark uses a special bat-shaped purple cellphone to activate his ability.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Due to Shalnark being born in Meteor City, his existence is not recorded in any database, which makes obtaining information about him nearly impossible.[30] Shalnark ranks tenth in physical power among the Troupe,[2] and is well capable enough to defend himself in hand to hand combat. He is also smart enough to hack into computers and provide information to the Troupe. He also appears to be a strong fighter, as he has obtained a Hunter License, being the only Hunter in the Troupe.[3] Still, he was easily killed by Hisoka soon after the latter revived.[29]

Enhanced Strength: Although not yet indicatively shown, Shalnark has superhuman-like strength, as hinted by his ranking in arm-wrestling.[2] When on Autopilot, this attribute increases exponentially.[4]

Enhanced Agility: During his fight against Pell, Shalnark showcased amazing movements, dodging effectively many attacks of the creature.[25]

Advanced Speed: Shalnark is quite fast, as he was able to avoid most of Pell's attacks and to stick his antenna within a very short gap of time. When on autopilot, this attribute increases exponentially.[4]

Genius-Level Intellect: Shalnark is among the smartest members of the Troupe, as well as seemingly the most knowledgeable. He can calculate accurate odds in the midst of a fight and in mere seconds and his predictions are usually exact.[25] He is adept at finding an enemy's weak spots and exploit them. Furthermore, he is a valuable source of information to the Troupe, being a licensed Pro Hunter.[3] Shalnark is extremely proficient in informatics, as he managed to uncover Greed Island's secret. Additionally, he has great control over his emotions.


Shalnark is a Manipulator. By implanting an antenna into a target, he can control them completely.[25] If he sticks the antenna into himself, he can enhance his own physical attributes greatly.[4] His abilities can only be used through his bat-shaped phone.[29] Shalnark gave his Hatsu abilities, phone, and antennae to Chrollo in preparation for the latter's match against Hisoka; as a consequence, he was unable to use any of them before his death at Hisokas hands. [28]

Shalnark's Nen Type: Manipulation
Type: Manipulation Black Voice (携帯する他人の運命 (ブラックボイス) Mobile Fate Director)
Black Voice Shalnark After sticking a special antenna into a target, usually in the back of their neck, Shalnark gains complete control over their mind and actions,[30] puppeteering them from afar through a special mobile phone until they are dead or the antenna is removed.[13] He can also set them on autopilot, allowing them to follow his orders without his direct intervention. He carries real, physical antennas[31] on his person when he fights, with which he can control at most two people at a time,[32] one of which can be himself.[4]
Type: Manipulation Autopilot: on (()(どう)(そう)() ()() Jidō Sōsa ON)
Shalnark Autopilot By placing an antenna on himself and then giving instructions or a task to be performed, Shalnark's ability manipulates his body on Autopilot and he temporarily gains immense aura, which results in a speed and strength boost, to perform the task given. Once Shalnark has entered Autopilot, he cannot withdraw from it until the task he instructed himself has been accomplished. After leaving Autopilot, Shalnark experiences intense muscle pain for two or three days, and is completely unaware of what he has done. This ability has the additional benefit of making Shalnark impervious to hostile Manipulation Nen, as it is impossible to gain control over a target that is already manipulated by someone.[4]


  • In the official databook, his name is "Syarnorkl". The volume 34 extras changed it to "Syarnorke" and revealed his surname, "Ryuseih".

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • Shalnark was stated to be the number 6 member of the Phantom Troupe in episode 54 of the 2011 anime series. In the manga, it was only said that his and Pakunoda's numbers are #6 and #9, but which number was specifically his was unknown.
  • When the Phantom Troupe was introduced in the 2011 Anime, Shalnark seemed to know Pakunoda well.

Intertextuality and ReferencesEdit

  • Shalnark's name could be a reference to Siarnaq, one of Saturn's moons and a character from Mega Man ZX Advent. Both names transliterate into Japanese very similarly "Sharunaaku" (シャルナーク) and "Sharunaku" (シャルナク).
  • Shalnark's golden aura and floating hair in his Autopilot mode may be a nod to the Super Saiyan transformation from the Dragon Ball franchise.


Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic شالنارك
Chinese 俠客
French Sharnalk
Russian Шалнарк
Greek Σάλναρκ


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