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Rie Murakawa

Manga Debut

Chapter 261

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Episode 105 (2011)


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Previous Occupation

Chimera Ant Peon


Haruna (mother)
Colt (Reincarnation of her brother Kurt)
Reina (Past self)

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Shidore (シドレ, Shidore) is a former peon from Leol's Squad.[1]


Shidore looks similar to a real ant. She wears a cream colored dress and light brown boots that go to her knees.

Personality Edit

Although initially believed to be unable to talk due to her being a lower ant, this is actually due to Shidore being a very young child. She always obeys her orders silently and seems loyal to Hina. When she reaches her native village, it is revealed she remembers her former life. She is initially very afraid of entering due to her inhuman looks.


As a human her name was Reina, a young girl who lived with her mother and brother. She lived in a small village located in NGL.

Plot Edit

Chimera Ant arc Edit

Shidore is a rare Peon that understands human speech. She assisted Hina in different tasks.[1] She is later revealed as being Reina, Colt's younger sister before she became a Chimera Ant.[2] During the assault on the Republic of East Gorteau she and Hina rescue an injured Bizeff and escape.[3]

Chimera Ant Reina thanking Brovada

Bloster decides to stay with Shidore

After the battle in Peijin, they meet up with Welfin and Bloster. She then returns to her village in NGL with Bloster. Here she met her mother who quickly recognized her despite her insect-like appearance, and both of them hugged each other in happiness at their reunion. When Bloster tries to leave she stops him and asks him to stay with her. Bloster accepts and they return to her village.[2]

References Edit

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