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Greed Island NPC
Sick Villagers
Located in

Greed Island

Manga Debut

Chapter 134 (Mentioned)
Chapter 135 (Debut)

Anime Debut

Episode 77 (1999)
Episode 62 (2011)

The Sick Villagers are a group of NPCs residing within the game Greed Island.[1]




Greed Island arcEdit

The Sick Villagers are first mentioned by a Trade Shop NPC, who warns Gon and Killua about a group of bandits in the mountain area.[2] Gon and Killua followed by a persistent Biscuit encounter the Sick Villagers posing as bandits in the mountains. The Sick Villagers leap into the air to seemingly attack the boys, but instead fall on their knees and plea for help. The Sick Villagers bring Gon, Killua, and Biscuit to their village in their Leader's Home, and show them the leader's son. It's explained that the son and everyone else in the village, suffer from a local endemic disease that gradually increases from a low to a high fever, which proves to be fatal after a one month period. The Leader explains there's a medicine for the disease, but the effects last one a one week and when you stop taking the medicine, the fever quickly rises again.[1]

Gon inquiries how expensive it is for the medicine, while Killua thinks the Sick Villagers will offer them something valuable if they do. The Leader's Wife details that it's 80,000 Jenny Currency Symbol, the same amount Gon and Killua have. So Gon gives the money to the Leader's wife who graciously accepts it and when the Village Leader's boy becomes cold the boys give up their clothing. The leader thankful to both of the boys, but Killua assured him that no thanks is needed, but notes an item or information would suffice. However the villagers have nothing of the sort.[1]

Lucky Alexandrite

After Gon wins the Paladin's Necklace in a tournament and reads about it in his binder. Gon has an idea that the Sick Villagers they met before weren't sick, but suffering from a curse. So Gon and group return to the Sick Villagers Home, Gon explains the situation to the leader and asks them to trust them. The Leader agrees to go through Gon's plan since they helped them before without anyone compensation before, so they believe in them. All of the villagers transform into the Sick Villagers (G.I card) and with the help of Gon's Paladin's Necklace are cured and become the Healthy Villagers (G.I card). With the villagers now cured of their disease, they bestow to them the Wild Luck Alexandrite as a reward.[3]


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