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Royal Bodyguard for Zhang Lei Hui Guo Rou

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Slakka (スラッカ, Surakka) is a Royal Bodyguard for Prince Woble Hui Guo Rou formally Prince Zhang Lei Hui Guo Rou. In reality, however, he is a spy for Queen Duazul Hui Guo Rou.[1]


Slakka has spiky hair that is fair at the top, but dark at the sides. He has thick eyebrows that curl upwards, and a big nose. Like the other bodyguards, he wears a black suit and a tie.[1]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Slakka, along with Konentoba, observe the meeting between Queen Oito, Prince Woble, Kurapika, and Prince Zhang Lei in the prince's room.[1]

After the meeting with Kurapika and Prince Zhang Lei was over, Slakka contemplates over his responsibilities as a spy for Queen Duazul and how his superior Mandam has everything going smoothly until the meeting with Prince Woble and Prince Zhang Lei could throw everything into a stalemate by exchanging information with one another and throw off the other Princes. At that moment Coventoba informs Slakka that he's been ordered to become Prince Woble's bodyguard along with Sakata and Hashito, much to his displeasure. Upon arriving in Prince Woble's quarters, Slakka introduces himself to Babimyna and the two start an alliance with each other. It's decided that Slakka will keep an eye on Sakata and Babimyna will keep an eye out on Hashito. Slakka figures he'll get along better with Babimyna than he did with Coventoba and gives him a friendly pat on the shoulder, who brushes himself off right after he walks away.[2]

Slakka and Sakata both watch and Queen Oito, Bill, Kurapika, and Shimano look for something. Slakka quietly asks Sakata what does he think they're doing, Sakata believes their search is related to Nen and they maybe trying to hide something in the process. Right after Maor Tubeppa's Captain of her bodyguards arrives and everyone is brought into guards waiting room, Slakka along with everyone else listens to Kurapika's explanation about the Nen Beasts and watches as Bill seemingly uses his Nen ability to control a cockroach that was in the room. He then listens to Kurapika proclaim that he'll teach everyone how to use Nen with the condition that he'll also teach it to the other Princes.[3]


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