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The Small-billed Swan (コクチハクチョウ, Kokuchi Hakuchō) is a type of water fowl that only lives around the environment of certain mining areas. It is still unknown why they do so.[1]




Chimera Ant arcEdit

While heading out of NGL, Spin mentions to Gon and Killua about the Small-billed Swans. She details that they mainly inhabit certain mining areas and that she bought the area they inhabited in her and Stick's hometown, thanks to a loan given to her by Kite. Apparently the oldest memory she and Stick have is witnessing the beautiful sight of the Swans flying into the sunrise every morning. She also promises to show the boys her hometown where the Small-billed Swans folk, which she calls her treasure.[1]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

After completing the Chimera Ant Extermination mission, Spin keeps her promise and shows Gon, Kite, Koala, and her fellow Amateur Hunters her treasure. Gon sends pictures of the Small-billed Swans to Shoot who was in the hospital with Knuckle, Palm, Ikalgo, and Meleoron, Leorio, Killua accompanied by his younger sister Alluka, and his aunt Mito.[2]


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