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Southernpiece Auction House




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Yorbian continent

Manga Debut

Chapter 85

Anime Debut

Episode 57 (1999)
Episode 48 (2011)

The Southernpiece auction house (サザンピース, Sazanpīsu) is the most prestigious auction house in Yorknew City.[1] It is the organizer of the Southernpiece Auction, the world's largest auction,[2] held annually from the 6th to the 10th of September.[3] Southernpiece was also the first to discover a severed limb of the Queen and provided Kite with some small parts of it at his request.[4]


  • Southernpiece is sometimes mistranslated as "Southernbees." Both Viz Media and Crunchyroll used this translation before later correcting it in their manga and 2011 anime simulcast, respectively.
  • The name is most likely a reference to Sotheby's, one of the largest auctioning companies in the real world.


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