Squadron Leaders

Squadron Leaders (師団長, Shidanchō) are high-ranking Chimera Ants originally under the command of the royal guards. After the birth of the Chimera Ant King, the squadron leaders are under command by the queen herself. Each division contains about 4 to 5 squads.

Known Squadron Leaders Edit

At the Chimera Ants' peak, there are 36 squadron leaders (mentioned by Colt); however, around 14 were killed by Netero, Knov, and Morel Mackernasey alone. By the time of the king's birth, only 14 squadron leaders remained.

Squadron Leaders
Alligator Portrait Bihorn Portrait Bloster Portrait Cheetu Portrait Colt Portrait
Alligator Bihorn Bloster Cheetu Colt
Leol Portrait Meleoron Portrait Peggy Portrait Turtle Portrait Welfin Portrait
Leol Meleoron Peggy Turtle Welfin
Yunju Portrait Zazan Portrait Div3 Portrait Div4 Portrait Div5 Portrait
Yunju Zazan Panda Chimera Ant Octopus ?????

Other Squadron Leaders Edit

The following five Squadron Leaders were killed by Netero's group:

  • Goran
  • Baital
  • Zemu
  • Pokoro
  • Kabutsu

Officers Edit

Under each squadron leader, there are also a various number of officers.

1. Leol's Division Officers:

2. Colt's Division Officers:

3. Zazan's Division Officers:

4. Meleoron's Division Officers:

5. Yunju's Division Officers: