The Stag Beetle (小甲虫, Kokabutomushi*—lit. "Small Beetle"*) was an insect-like Chimera Ant Soldier.[1]


He had green hair and a large set of mandibles resembling a stag beetle's.[1]


He took great pride in his abilities and could be overconfident.[1] However when his life was in danger, he became fearful.[2]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

During the Phantom Troupe siege against Zazan's division in Meteor City, the Stag Beetle Chimera Ant confronts Kalluto. Thinking he's a little girl, Stag Beetle tries to woo Kalluto, but is rejected by him. Laughing at the rejection, he then pulls out a steel rope, with the intention of kidnapping Kalluto, whom sighs and claims is in a hurry.[1]


The Stag Beetle puzzled

Kalluto sprinkles confetti onto his paper fan and twice blows a squall of wind with the confetti onto the Stag Beetle whom shakes simply shaves it off. The Stag Beetle taunts Kalluto both times with his unimpressive attack, but Kalluto points out a piece of confetti is sticking out of one of his his upper joints on his left arm. Puzzled by Kalluto's observation, brushes off the piece of paper and attacks him with with his steel rope, which easily gets sliced by Kalluto's paper fan. Baffled how Kalluto managed to make short work of his steel rope. Kalluto informs the Stag Beetle to not underestimate his paper. He then proceeds to attack the Stag Beetle with his Dancing Serpent's Bite Nen ability, tearing off the it's left arm at the same exact spot, Kalluto pointed out a shred of confetti stuck to the arm. Crying in agony, Kalluto points out another piece of confetti on the Stag Beetle to his upper joint on his right arm. The Stag Beetle notices this and begins to sweat, as Kalluto claims his right arm is next.[2]

The aftermath of fight reveals that the Stag Beetle was torn to shreds by Kalluto's merciless attacks. As Kalluto leaves the scene, he thinks to himself, he should fix his "bad habit" of torturing his "prey".[3]

Abilities & PowersEdit

As a Chimera Ant, he is already stronger than the average human. His exoskeleton appears to be rather durable, although his exposed joint can be exploited to attack. He has shown some skills at using a steel rope to fight and restrain his opponent.


  • Chimera Ant arc:
    • Stag Beetle vs. Kalluto Zoldyck[1][2][3]


  • The character's name was never given in the manga and the 2011 anime adaptation just name him in the credits.
    • He is referred to as 小甲虫[4] (Kokōchū, literally "Small Beetle", or Kokabutomushi, literally "Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle").
      • In the credits for the English dub: "Small Beetle".[4]
  • The Stag Beetle has been referred to as カミキリムシ型[5] (Kamikirimushi-gata, literally "Longhorn Beetle type") in the Hunter × Hunter Battle Collection card game.
  • Due to Kalluto's appearance and dressing attire, the Stag Beetle mistakenly identified him as a girl.


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