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2011 | 1999 | Manga

Sub main





Japanese Voice

Hiroyuki Yoshino (1999)
Hiroyuki Yokoo (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 143

Anime Debut

Episode 80 (1999)
Episode 64 (2011)


Male Male

Hair Color

Blonde (1999)
Red (2011)

Previous Occupation

Greed Island player



Image Gallery

Sub (サブ, Sabu) is a member of the Bomb Devils.


Sub G.I Design (2011 Anime)

He has spiky red hair, narrow eyes and a tattoo that resembles a bat on his forehead.


Greed Island arc

Killua Defeats Sub

Sub defeated by Killua

After Genthru reveals himself as the bomber, and when Puhat tries to cut a deal with him in Battera's Mansion. Sub and Bara reveals themselves as his accomplices. When the alliance gave their cards for Genthru to remove the bombs planted on them, he presses thumbs with Genthru and Bara, though this was the way to activate the bombs prematurely. He helps Genthru collect their ninety-seven cards by killing or threatening other players. Before facing Gon's team, he was assigned by Genthru to handle Killua, assuming that they would have to use force. He is defeated by Killua in a one-on-one fight, in which he is used as a test subject for Killua's new yo-yo and electricity techniques. When the Bombers are defeated, he asked Gon to heal Genthru instead of him since he only attained minor injuries due to his and Killua's similar skill level.

Abilities & Powers

Sub is relatively good at hand-to-hand combat and using Nen. Killua notices that even though Sub's strength and fighting ability are inferior to his, he will still be done for if he takes a hit from Sub due to the difference in their aura proficiency. He can find an enemy's weak spots, but he is not a flawless observer, as Killua tricked him into attacking in a way that would leave him exposed to the assassin's next move. 

Bombers Release

"Releasing" the bombs

Sub is also fairly durable and endowed with a good resistance to electricity, seeing that Killua's Lightning Palm left him stunned only for a couple of seconds.


When Sub, Bara and Genthru put their thumbs together and say a keyword, the time bombs conjured by Genthru will explode simultaneously. Sub is fairly skilled at Zetsu, as neither Puhat nor Tsezguerra or his allies could feel his presence.


  • Genthru's 2011 anime voice actor provided Sub's voice in the 1999 anime.

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