Sword of Truth
Located in

Greed Island

Manga Debut

Chapter 132

Anime Debut

Episode 75 (1999)
Episode 62 (2011)

The Sword of Truth is an item that can be found in Greed Island. It is Gon and Killua's first specified slot card,[1] although they aren't able to keep possession of it for long.[2]


The Sword of Truth is an item than can be obtained by winning the monthly Rock-Paper-Scissors competition that takes places in the city of Antokiba. It can also transform into a designated card required to beat the game.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit

After Gon and Killua enter Greed Island, they arrive at Antokiba and participate in a competition of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Killua wins and as a reward he receives the sword, which immediately transforms into a card.[1] The Sword however is stolen after one of a bunch of skilled veteran players.[2]


GI Card

Card form

The Sword of Truth (G.I card) has a specified number of 83. Its rank is B and its card limit is 22.


  • Killua and Gon both reach the finals of the competition to win the item.
  • Gon revealed to Killua a few tricks that help him win at Rock-Paper-Scissors. Killua turns things around by switching hands and wins.
  • This is the first card Killua and Gon obtained.


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