Tenftory (テンフトリ, Tenfutori) is a Royal Bodyguard for Prince Zhang Lei.[1]


Tenftory is a somewhat corpulent, bespectacled man. He has thick lips and a thin beard running along the edge of his jaw. He has dark hair and a light-colored Mohawk cut. As a Royal Bodyguard, he wears a black suit and a tie.[1]


Succession Contest arcEdit

When Kurapika accompanied by Queen Oito and Prince Woble arrive outside Prince Zhang Lei's quarters, he informs the Prince of their arrival.[1]

Chap 370 - Nen Course

Participants of the Nen training

As Tenftory waits within Prince Woble's quarters to learn about Nen he remembers his order by Prince Zhang Lei to keep tabs on who gets in contact with Kurapika. He thinks that the people he needs to pay close attention to are the bodyguards associated with the First and Fourth Princes.[2] Tenftory listens to Kurapika's lecture about the conditions of him teaching Nen to everyone and as he does, Loberry one of Prince Kacho's maids points out there's someone in the crowd and after she does Barrigen one of Prince Marayam's bodyguards dies to a small pack of snakes.[3] The following day, Tenftory returns to Room 1014 for Kurapika's lecture. He does not intervene when Maor and Satobi accuse Kurapika of being behind the attacks after Myuhan's death.[4]


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