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2011 | Manga

Teradein Neutral ranked at 7 in voting

Teradein Neutral



Teradein Nyūtoraru

Japanese Voice

Takashi Matsuyama

Manga Debut

Chapter 326

Anime Debut

Episode 141 (2011)


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Head Hunter (Double Star)



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Teradein Neutral (テラデイン=ニュートラル, Teradein Nyūtoraru) was a Double-Star Head Hunter who specializes in discovering and cultivating talents.[1]


Teradein is an older man with well kept gray hair. He is seen wearing a teal suit with a yellow tie.


13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Teradein Neutral is first mentioned when he places in 13th in the First Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman.[2] Then in the Second Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman, he places in 8th sharing it with Cutie Beauty, Sanbica Norton, Bushidora Ambitious.[3] In the Third Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman he places in 7th.[4] In the Fourth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman he is one of the sixteen candidates qualifying for the Fifth round and places in 7th again.[5] Teradein makes his actual appearance during a video presentation for the 16 candidates for chairman, presented by Beans, it's said in the video that he's a Double-Star Head Hunter who specializes in discovering and cultivating talents.[1]

When Killua warns Morel that his older brother is going to attack he and Alluka with brain-washed minions ー Needlemen ー once they reach the hospital wherein Gon is hospitalized. Morel takes advantage of the fact that the hospital is near the Hunters Association building and calls Teradein Neutral, alongside Loupe and Bushidora, for assistance. The three men soon hear the details about the needlemen incident the three hold a meeting together along with a large group of Hunters. During the meeting Teradein states to the Temp Hunters that he's gotten access to the aviation data for Pallister and with the hospital as a center there are 6 airships landing within a 20-30 Kilometer radius. So nobody would know where the two flights that Killua and his Butlers are riding will land, so then his brother Illumi would have to run after them to confirm as well. Loupe then states that near Swaldani City, is where the hospital is, and there are a number of points where they can send hunters to lie and wait, thus making it a priority to recover the needle people.[6]

Bushidora, Teradein and Loupe

Teradein proclaims to the group of Hunters that the needles can be confirmed afterwards and that it's their main priority to the capture everyone that gets near the airships. Bushidora then comments how the 4th rule to the Hunter Bylaws was flawed from the start and it's already too late now that this kind of person has appeared and that this event would most likely stain the associations reputation. Teradein then comments how the Hunter Exam qualifications need to be stricter and if only the appropriate care were taken at the time of entrance, the whole situation at hand would never have occurred. Loupe then proclaims that the time has finally come for them, called in the anti-chairman faction to pull through in this situation and then Teradein sends out the Temp Hunters.[6]

Later Teradein along with Loupe and Bushidora hold a makes a public broadcast announcement. Teradein greets the viewers and says that he wishes to make a joint announcement between himself and Bushidora and Loupe. He states that they are often regarded as the anti-chairman faction, but that is not their true purpose and that the hunter soul that runs through them is one they inherited from the late chairman, so they should make no mistake. Teradein goes on saying, "They intend on carrying on his ideals and would like to invite you to work together them as their allies and they will revive a legendary all-round versatile group that the late chairman once belonged too. He then proclaims that they will reform the Seirin Group.[7]

Teradein - 142

Teradein makes his statement

Bushidora then takes over and explains that their representative will be Teradein, Vice-rep will be Loupe, and himself will be will captain of the acting forces and for a show of unity he and Loupe will now vote for Teradein and asks that all people who agree with their purposes vote for Teradein. Loupe then takes over and states that they wish to address something that currently effects the advocacy, that they've received highly reliable intel from a powerful source that has accused multiple hunters of vile atrocities. Teradein then takes the helm again and proclaims that they're searching for the hunters now and calls out to his wise comrades to all unite and rebuild the intelligent and morally just hunter association that they all joined.[7]

Loupe reasoning with Teradien

Sometime after the broadcast the results for the 5th round of the election come in Teradein places in 2nd place. Soon after the 5th election, Teradein, Loupe, and Bushidora together try and get updates from the hunters they sent out to take care of the Needlemen. When Loupe reports that they've lost all contact with Point C of their group and Teradein says that nothing has happened with Point A and suggests that backup should be sent, but Bushidora says that point A isn't completely safe yet. He then states that since Illumi can control people with needles, then it means that he has already taken care of them all in Point A. Loupe baffled that all twenty of the hunters they sent after them were dealt with could have been taken out without a chance to press the emergency switch that they were provided.[7]

Bushidora then tells Loupe that this is not a job for amateurs, no matter how many people they gather. He then suggests that they send out a warning to the pros that are going after the Needlemen. Teradein then tries to contact two people by the names Latune and Kenzaki, both of which to not respond to his calls, which catches Bushidora off guard. Teradein then says that they were following the 2nd airship which is also near by. Bushidora then proclaims that he'll go settle it himself and it would help prove himself as the Captain of the new Seirin Group. When Loupe inquires Bushidora about the votes, he responds with all that can go should go, even if none of those out on the hunt currently vote, they should still be able to get in the top four.[7]

Bushidora also proclaims that it's hard to believe that the 40 votes below the 9th spot excluding Saccho Kobayakawa and Cutie Beauty's would all either go to Morel Mackernasey or be absent. Teradein worried about the outcome of the next round of the election states that they need every vote, even if they can't predict the outcome of all of the votes, he doesn't want to control the voting percentage by forcing absent voters. Loupe then suggests that they hire some Temp Hunters, since if they show them that their intent is organization going how it is now, then they should be able to shave off some votes from Pariston Hill who's in the lead in the election. Bushidora and Teradein both acknowledge Loupe's idea and Bushidora says that they should announce it at once and tell them that their ideals are the same as the one that the Temp Hunters are striving for.[7]

Loupe then contemplates to himself that this way if all goes to their favor the Temp Hunters will be killed by the enemy and will be absent in the next election. Although Teradein would normally be against such a plan if he explained it to him and since they can't predict the natural outcome of where the votes will go, then they should proactively be encouraging absent voters to nullify it. Loupe then admits to himself that Teradein is too foolishly honest and Bushidora is too broad minded. After the results for the Sixth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman comes in Teradein places in 2nd place again, however the conditions were not met due to, too many absent voters.[7]

At the same time Loupe rushes into Teradein's room in a panic telling him that they've been annihilated, and explains that their members who were going after the needlemen, the surveillance group, the Temp Hunters group, and even Bushidora were all killed. Teradein baffled by this questions if that they were all killed by the needlemen and believes that Illumi must have many strong men at his side.[7] Teradein, in a panic, makes a public broadcast stating he has some very unfortunate news to report and say that Captain Bushidora of the Seirin Group has been killed by the "Evil Hunter" they've been tracking and the Evil Hunter has also killed 8 pro-hunters along with 98 unregistered hunters as well as 15 more pro-hunters that were recruited from the Hunter website. Teradein then states that there is no doubt in his mind that there's a cold blooded demon in the lurks in their midst and unfortunately the current Seirin Group doesn't have enough power nor the capabilities to capture and bring the Evil Hunter to Justice.[8]

Teradein proclaims to the viewers that clearing up this matter should be the top priority for the Association and it is that reason why he then asks that everyone who can vote to raise the voting percentage to over 95% in the next election and let him have the majority votes. Teradein then states that he has asked Morel, whom is known to have a good connection with the late chairman, to join their group and that he's prepared to release to the public the names and abilities of the demons to help prevent further tragedies. The broadcast ends with Teradein recommending those who support their cause to vote for him.[8]

Teradein Neutral Killed 2011 Anime

Teradein's death.

Morel responds with a video of his own contradicting Teradein's statements, saying that he has no intention to join, and that with such a threat he is only endangering himself. In fact, Hisoka slits Teradein's throat inside of his office as the latter is watching the recording. During the Sixth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman, Teradein comes in fifth place after his death.[8]


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