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2011 | Manga

Teradein Neutral ranked at 7 in voting

Teradein Neutral



Teradein Nyūtoraru

Manga Debut

Chapter 326

Anime Debut

Episode 141 (2011)

Japanese Voice

Takashi Matsuyama



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Head Hunter (Double Star)



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Teradein Neutral (テラデイン=ニュートラル, Teradein Nyūtoraru) was a Double-Star Head Hunter who specializes in discovering and cultivating talents.


Teradein is an older man with well kept gray hair. He is seen wearing a teal suit with a yellow tie.


13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Teradein ends up with the 7th place in the fourth round of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election, thus qualifying for the fifth round alongside 15 other candidates.[1] He desires to radically overhaul the Hunter Examination.[2]

Killua warns Morel that his older brother is going to attack he and Alluka with brain-washed Needlemen once they reach the hospital where Gon is hospitalized. Morel takes advantage of the fact that the hospital is near the Hunters Association building and calls Teradein, alongside Loupe Highland and Bushidora Ambitious, for assistance. The three then organize their own faction with the ideology that a Chairman is unnecessary to the Hunters Association called the Seirin Group.[3]

Teradein Neutral Killed 2011 Anime

Teradein's death.

Teradein next directs a band of hired Temp and Professional Hunters to eliminate the Needlemen and Illumi. However, the group is decimated (including Bushidora) by Hisoka.[3] Teradein, in a panic, makes a public broadcast stating he's been negotiating with Morel so that he joins their group. During this same broadcast, Teradein threatens to make public the abilities of Hisoka and Illumi in order to stop their massacre. Morel responds with his own announcement contradicting Teradein's statements, saying that he has no intention to join, and that with such a threat he is only endangering himself. Meanwhile, Hisoka slits Teradein's throat inside of his office. During the next round of the election, Teradein comes in fifth place after his death.[4]


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