The Book of Tyson (タイソン()(きょう)(てん)()()()()()()(), Taison Kyōten) is a book written by Tyson Hui Guo Rou. It contains preachings that, according to her, will bring about world peace once everyone becomes her disciple.[1] Its contents are supposedly able to awaken a special power within the reader.[2] It seems to be a very derivative work, as the second chapter, verse four of the "Khana Chronicles" has been identified as a collection of lyrics by singer Nishina Khana.[3]


Succession Contest arcEdit

In an exuberant mood, Tyson gives two copies of the bible to Izunavi and another bodyguard of hers. She suggests they read the book. According to her, when the entire world reads it, world peace would be achieved.[1]

Izunavi reads the first chapter in the book entitled, "Love will always triumph in the end ♥". Instantly disgusted by the first chapter, Izunavi stops reading the book, while the other bodyguard offers to teach him how to praise a book he hasn't read yet.[1]


  • Its in-universe name, as seen on the book cover, is "The Taithon Canon".[1]
  • Nishina Khana appears to be the Hunter × Hunter counterpart to real-life singer Kana Nishino.
    • Both artists have written a song titled "Darling".[3]


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